A whole new world - project me day 533

17 June 2011
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It's amazing how I woke up feeling and what the true essence of 'project me' has done to my day.

There is chaos all around me and a lot of it is stress that my poor mom is carrying with people who are completely out of integrity. You know one of those people who gives and gives and then ends up being kicked in the butt ... that's how I see what' happening with my mom.
I have this nasty side to me that could lash out and say so many horrid things but that's only my protective instincts with my mom. The truth is that if she lives by what she taught me (and one of my most valued 'project me' lessons that I live by) to always remain the lady, then she will come out okay on the other side of this.

That, coupled by waking up at about 3am petrified out of my mind for my future and for my present, has been an interesting feeling to lug around a day that was actually very incredible indeed. I've let off steam and shared all my fears in the days past and none of them have changed, so I'm going to focus on the awesomeness of the day instead.

As I do that I must tell you that this blog had better be shorter because my arms feel as though they are about to fall off ... for the best reason in the world and this is why:

As of today, nothing will be the same again!
I officially woke up this morning and did my first water aerobics class. That's it then ... 'project body' is alive and kicking. Bearing in mind that every Sunday is 'project body' blogging day, I'm not going to say much more than this ... I overcame a fear that has been haunting me for months now!

I discovered that I'm one of South Africa's top non celebrities on Twitter. That's not to brag, but to solidify my future plans and officially announce that I will be changing my bio from blogger to social influencer ... it's time! What that means and where that will take me will all unfold shortly. So will the reasons (when I understand them better myself ... lol). Thanks to the unwavering support of Nick Duncan, founder of MyScoop SA aggregator, I'm making this move with some incredible insight and guidance.

On that note, 30 June is Social Media Day around the world as Mashable is hosting events in every country. Thanks to my Twitter friend, BeanBagBoy, I discovered that Johannesburg isn't hosting an event ... well now we are! I'm about to announce the details of Joburg's official Mashable Meetup and am thrilled that Nick has agreed to be a guest speaker!! I'm so excited for this one and once the venue is finalised I'll be spreading invites across Jozi.

I'm officially contributing to a magazine. Oh my goodness, gracious, holy moly me ... I'm beyond excited even though it's truly laying myself bare (well, not to the extent of Playboy of course) in the months to follow. Curvy SA (Follow CurvySA on Twitter) is South Africa's magazine for the curvy woman and the buzz was in the air months before I had the honour of meeting Michele and Juliette. It's a concept that speaks very closely to my heart and is very in line with both Organic O and Project Body. So I'm going to be telling my 'project body' story once a month, with pictures and all the weight and fat measurements for the world to see. With each issue I'm hoping to feel a little braver to have sexier shoots and somewhere down the line there will be the official boudoir shoot offered me all the time back.

I think that's enough to change a girls life!!!!

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