ABC's of my day - project me day 706

8 December 2011
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A - Abundant: A lot of that is me forcing myself to find the good in a crazy few weeks that are testing the toughness of this girl.

B - Broke: Can't lie!

C - Caked out: Gorgeous birthday cake at my twin nephew's birthday. Wow, how was that for a sugar rush.

D - Delivery: It was so awesome receiving a Christmas gift at my door thanks to Sabio Communications.

E - Entertained: I don't have kids, so I was much more fascinated by the mom's at my nephew's party. Some hovered with their kids but others could be happier that their little ones we playing in the mud.

F - Fetch and carry: Mom's car still isn't back from the?panel beaters after the robbery and it was discovered 10 days later. Not that I mind coz mom and me, we take care of each other.

G - Greggie: It's the day after the funeral and we had a long phone chat and a giggle. Then some serious work stuff crept in and then we were back to giggling. I miss my friend and can't wait for some time with him.

H - Hairdresser: So apparently my hairdresser asked Greggie where I've been and the truth is that after the robbery my laptop got stolen with all the pics Pat took of the salon and I've felt too bad to start over ... coz I'm helping with his website. Maybe A should have been for avoidance.

I - Instant Grass: Here's to a brilliant company that involved me in their Bobbi Brown campaign and tonight was the final get together for the campaign. Awesome gifts and stunning people. Thanks Sibongile and the team.

J - Jelly:?Did you know that all I have to do is make Pat a bowl of jelly and he feels like the luckiest guy on earth. So through all the dashing around, kids partying and girl's nights out, I still found time to make my amazing man his wobbly yum treat 😉

K - Kim: I took my very dear friend Kim (AKA HustlerGirl) to the Bobbi Brown event tonight and what a compliment when we were told that we are so close we could be sister.

L - Love: Us girls ended up talking about love, relationships and dating and I couldn't believe that after 38 years of being single, I have discovered the magic of love and it seems to be written all over my face how very happy I am.

M - Money: It's on my mind and I'm trying to do a whole lot of gratitude exercises and keeping the faith because Pat and I want to go down to his kids by next Thursday and it's been one expense after another in the past few weeks.

N - Nkosi's Haven: It's the food collection this Saturday and I'm blown away by the response and support by everyone around me. From radio coverage to newspaper articles and amazing Twits pulling together to make it an abundance food drive.

O - Olives: Pat doesn't like them so I haven't cooked with them in nearly 6 months, but my sister had a table of food for the adults and ... well ... lets just say there is a paper cup with a whole lot of olive pips hanging around that house.

P - Poop: I love my cats more than words can describe, but they are the gorgeous long haired Persian kind who get poop stuck by their butts. No, that's not the only reason I live with my mom.

Q - QM2: My mom works for a cruise line company and I'm so very proud of her. She recruits for many ships, but the Queen Mary 2 is her special baby. Because of that I hear about it A LOT and wonder if I'm going to be as passionate and energetic about my work at 60-something.

R - Rain: It didn't even ruin the birthday party. In actual fact, it spiced it up with the kids making mud balls and having an awesome but very dirty time.

S - Slow down: I'm hearing all the Tweets and Facebook status's of everyone slowing down and going on leave. There is still a part of me that think hard work and no rest makes money ... how wrong is that theory. So I'm going to slowly start taking some time and resting a bit this festive season ... but still blogging, of course.

T - Traffic lights: Yesterday, on the Radio Today show called Rant and Rave I said I don't rant about much ... well that was until today and the freakin' broken traffic lights all over town. If we knew how to use a four way stop it wouldn't be so bad, but ... (takes a deep breath)

U - Umbrella: I never know whether to leave it in the car or bring it into the house. Either way, I forget it in the place I'm not and get drenched anyway.

V - Venus Networks: Thanks to Instant Grass for putting such an amazing group of women together. We truly are incredible creatures us women.

W - Wellingtons: Summer rain and pretty summer shoes just don't go! I also always manage to park right in the puddle and slosh my way around for the first 15 minutes of being indoors. I'm so considering carrying Wellingtons in the car with me.

X - Xmas: My mom asked me how to spell it and I said I never abbreviate. It's always Christmas to me!

Y - Yawn: So happy there's only one more letter to go ... I'm exhausted

Z - Zzzzz: Zzzzzzzzzz ...

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