Abs and Tabs - project body week fifteen

2 October 2011

I haven't blogged project body for two weeks and find myself another three weeks down the line. It would be crazy to think that I would get through this last week without falling into some old food patterns. Well, maybe that's just me giving me permission but I had one of the worst eating weeks I've had in months ... if not years.

There are two reasons why ... after the break in and without a laptop, I'm going nuts. It's financially and emotionally stressful and now the added chaos of trying to be bold enough to see my worth in the blogging and social media worlds and find sponsorship ... it's had me eating.

The second reason is that I haven't been able to get the tablets from the Slimlab sponsorship that gave me tablets that were just brilliant. They balanced my sugars and always stopped me from binge eating and cravings. From the silence of the supplier, I guess the sponsorship is over and admittedly, I can feel the difference in such a huge way. Compliments to the product but sad that the sp0nsorship stopped without a word.

I have a plan though and I'm off to see a naturalist (I will get the proper title and details) next week. He is a Twitter friend and I have had a connection with him from the moment we met. I need to balance these sugars and FAST.

On the other hand, I promised myself that I would get back to gym the second I was ready ... and I did. My personal trainer, Patrick Tendani, has been so supportive and patient and I felt so ready to get back after last week. I feel like there's some place that I just have to have control and my body is a great place to start.

So I braved it and have started strengthening my abs with 2 private sessions of 30 mins of pure abs. HOLY MARY ... I was vibrating one I finished and could hardly move my foot between peddle while driving. It was so sore the next day that I was too afraid to cough, sneeze or laugh but I have finally found a challenge at gym. My abs are so week that I can't do one sit up as yet, but on the second day I managed to do a full set of ten without stopping and I'm determined to do a full ab session without having to stop between reps.

It's also into the swimming pool on Tuesday for the first time ... and I'm gonna be swimming. Then one day a week it's 10 laps around the track.

My psychotic week of eating has made me feel a bit better with the bonus of actually enjoying gym for the first time in my life.

I'm holding onto the hope that I have a strong week emotionally and that it spills over into being kinder to my body and not turning to food for comfort.

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