Adrenaline rush with Le Grande Cirque at Joburg Theatre - project me post 854

29 May 2012
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My weeks have been crazy with me having to say 'no' to a few invitation to keep from falling over from the over excitement of all that's been going. The whole hype was the massive build up to the Twitter Blanket Drive which was on Saturday and the upcoming #FollowSA charity sing-at-thon that I'm heading towards this Saturday.

Every time I think about it and the rest of the year ahead, there's a surge of anticipation, excitement and ... adrenaline.
In the list of events was the invite to Le Grande Cirque Adrenaline at the Joburg Theatre and just before I was about to decline the invite, Greggie stopped me and said fun might be just the thing I need before the surge of busy events. It didn't take much to convince me and I'm so thrilled that he did.

One of my favourite gifts in life is when something surpasses expectation. It's a known fact that I might be a little over critical of most things in life ... which of course stems from an over critical self. We all search for 'wow' moments but sometimes, when life is crazy and the trials and tribulations are a little tougher than normal, we need something to take our breath away.

This amazing night at the Joburg theatre did just that. I can't begin to guess which act were more mesmerising in the array of talent displayed at Le Grande Cirque Adrenaline, but for a moment in time I had to remind myself to breathe. From balancing acts that defy reason to speed, strength and heights show the power of the mind, the body and the spirit, the roaring applause didn't even seem to do the performances justice.

And yet, it was impossible to switch my mind off. All I could think about, with each mastered act was ... teamwork! Every person was born with an unbelievable talent and it must have taken years of practice and patience to show off such stellar performances ... but most of all I saw teamwork. So many acts were based on the reliance of another human being. The trust levels were like none I had seen before. Seriously, like "I trust you with my life" kind of stuff.

The teams in my life rattled through my head. The good ones and the ones that weren't so good. The ones that have helped me take every step along the way to get to where I am today. The ones who stood beside me, just in case I needed to be caught, when I fell down from trying.

I've had a few rough weeks. Some of them are the challenges are now projects and others are the realities of life, but I did not go it alone. I have my own team. I have the people in my life who share my adrenaline rush when I take the safety nets away and unhook the harness before I leap.


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