All in good time - project me day 330

30 November 2010

It's been an interesting 'project me' day.
After ending yesterday in such pain and crisis, I was pleasantly surprised to feel so positive and unafraid of a backward spiral with my back injury. I think I needed to have a mini relapse and wake up knowing that some rest, a positive attitude and a bit of confidence in my body helps to begin a new day.

I'm not popping anti inflammatories like I did and something about today just felt different.

I've been talking to The Jock a lot more often and it's so good to know that friendship is there and very real. I can be my loopy self with him now and told him that according to astrology today is not a great day to deal with our regular obstacles. So basically, the things we battle with are gonna come at us today. Fantastic ... just as I start settling into feeling my way around eating healthy and finding balance in my life. Of course he laughed at me, but that helped too. After reminding me that he is alway a phone call away and that the timing of my healing body is right on track, I realised that so is the timing of this friendship. A good start to a day that should have been filled with obstacles.

Well it wasn't obstacle free. I did have kitty discover the cursor on my laptop screen and she has spent the day chasing it. Luckily I only set out to write one thing today because the rest of the day was about showing madam that she has a basket right next to me and doesn't have to lie across my keyboard ... or worse ... she tries to lie across my chest! Um ... I'm not that well stocked that she can birch herself there without sliding down me so now I have little claw marks ... well, you figure out the rest.

On a totally frustrated note, I did spend the better part of the morning waiting for that Facebook friend (and I am now using the word very?loosely) to confirm breakfast or lunch. After a whole lot of sms's we decided on either 1230 or 2 and he just had to confirm the time. He did not! I did not hear from him again. As the time ticked on I began to stewmore and more and so I decided to totally 'project me' the situation and turn my frustrations into some well timed realisations for me and so I wrote my first article as a guest blogger since before I got sick. It took ages to write, Saphirah aside. I was kind to my body and took breaks in between, at a little bit every few hours and had a huge jug of water by my side. Wow, I will let you know when it's published. I do have to give my friend Gypsy as special thank you for coming up with the title of the blog. Oh, you want the title? Um ... all in good time 😉

Last night I couldn't churn out the content for the monthly Lifeology newsletter, but this morning it flowed like water. I cannot believe that Greggie and I have been doing newsletters for nearly 2 years now. That realisation was another 'project me' moment: looking back and seeing how far I have come.

On that note, I don't think I have made it clear enough that 'project me' has been about focusing on how far I have come. I know that I moan and cry a lot over my back. I know I get frozen with fear and am scared of a relapse sometimes, but one thing I never do is forget how I was. If a day is long and I am in pain I always think back to when I could not even walk. I acknowledge that my body is more sore because I have done more.

Reminding myself of that is what gave me the final push to get up, climb in my car and take myself to the shops. I would totally thank my brother for going with me as a little safety net had he not been such a jerk and pissed me off on the way home.Long story ... basically he's like my dad! Not always the good part and sometimes the overly critical and big mouth, speak out of turn part! Grrrrrrr ...
Oh before I get too?distracted?... woo hoo hoo for me ... I drove for the first time since Mid August. Tee hee ... since my last car service a year ago I have done just under 5000kms on my clock! Maybe that's why I'm single ... I should seriously get out more 😉

Besides a boy here and there it was a good day ... and all in good time 😉

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