An intro to Organic Orgasm - Project me day 292

21 October 2010

It's officially out there and splashed across YouTube.

I am totally proud of what I do but I can't fake the fears and issues I have about the first content of Organic Orgasm going live. I think a lot of my concerns are the usual about having to be comfortable with watching and hearing myself on video and trust me we have watched this video countless times.

Such a special thank you goes out to Greggie for putting this whole video together on his very fancy Apple Mac. This is a big moment for Lifeology and my smatterings of confidence are found when I see the enthusiasm and passion with which my business partner happily attaches his name to my video and my passion! Thank you my friend!

There are still another two on the way but today was a massive 'project me' step as I throw myself into the world and proudly (yes shaking in my boots) show the world that I have something to say and that it's very orgasmic!

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