And the contents of my handbag is ... - project me day 153

4 June 2010

After a very exciting day that I need more time to reminisce about, I dashed off to dinner with an old school friend. I can't believe how some connections never seem to fade. Well, actually, that's not entirely true considering we only really knew each other in school because ... well we are guessing that it's because we are both Jewish. Somehow we have managed to connect and drift only to connect again.

After a brilliant day filled with opportunity ... particularly the one where the children's book was sent to the first publisher ... can I hear a 'whoo hoo'!! ... it was only fitting that the day ended with great company, good wine and an even better pizza.

If you think the content of my handbag is going to scary, you need to hear about my favourite pizza! I'm sure I'm not the only one! Well, I can't be considering it's on the menu of one of my fave restaurants in Johannesburg, Piza E Vino. It's called Pizza Lite which is your standard margarita pizza with salad on-top! Yes ... salad and pizza is one of my fave combos! It's gotto be smothered in balsamic vinegar and olive oil though and washed down with a great glass of wine .. of course!

After hours of catching up and being proud of each other for how far we have come in our lives, it was time to leave. My dearest friend, Sebastian III (that's the name he chose for himself ... no wonder we are friends) is a little bit organised and a little bit more in need or order and a lot more avoiding of chaos. So when I lost my parking ticket and had to scrounge through my handbag in search of it ... our differences began to become blazingly obvious. The more I giggled, the less organised he felt and I chuckled even more at his horror that I was so happily disorganised.

In true Jodene style, this gave me the perfect opportunity to totally freak him out and begin pulling out the content of my handbag. In my 5 months of blogging I've shamelessly shared everything about me ... so why stop there. Why not just do it ... throw the content of my totally disorganised and very Libran handbag onto the table?

Oh screw it ... here it is:

A used tissue or two
My trusty tissue salts that I'm convinced sped up the healing of my tattoo (even though it took the exact time that they said it would)
The shopping list for Greggies birthday party (which was a week ago)
The trashy pink lipstick that was hauled out the make-up drawer for the trashy party
My purse (That content to be?dissected?another day
Another tissue or two
My soon-to-be-finished Dior lip gloss (Which should be in my make-up purse ...
Make-up purse
Nokia cellphone
Small warn out nail file (that just got tossed)
Car keys (including house keys and cut love heart key ring ... oh and gym tag)
Black stone
Another tissue (What? You want me to explain the black stone? It's a perfectly smooth black stone that I picked up on the beach about three years ago and have somehow transported from one bag to the next ... you never know, it might just be lucky!!)
Alright ... yet another tissue
Hair clamp
Small crumpled up paper with someone's email address?
Blackberry (Yes ... I have two phones! There's a brilliant explanation though! The cellular network I had didn't accommodate Blackberry ... that's all!)
Nail file (Decent and usable)
Sweet wrapper (Just the wrapper)
Eyeshadow (Now back in the right place)
Heartburn tablets (That comes with age!)
Bubblicious (Trashy bubblegum purchased for the trashy birthday party)
Hand cream (Handbag size ... don't panic)
Oooh look, another tissue
Box of matches (Nope ... I don't smoke and neither am I a?pyromaniac either)
Another sweet wrapper
A bubbilicious wrapper
List of things to bring to Greggie's house ... for the party a week ago!
Business card from that awesome restaurant I raved about ... La Rustica
D & G Sunglasses (Yes ... it's the only thing I'm a brand queen about!!)
Last ... but certainly not least ... A tissue!

19 comments on “And the contents of my handbag is ... - project me day 153”

    1. Oh I would so love for you to throw the content of that bag of yours out. I want to gather a whole lot of girl bloggers and all do the same questionnaire ... wouldn't that be so cool?

  1. Hey, awesome site! Keep it up! I will be difinatley be coming back in the near future =)

  2. Not as scary as many I've seen! 🙂

    I think there should be a, "my handbag contents" website out there. Just random days, what goes into them. No explanation just a list. There are some pretty weird and down right bizarre things to be found in a handbag.
    My recent post Imaginary

    1. Have you ever watched an Ellen show when she walks into the audience and grabs a handbag and starts pulling stuff out. OMG ... if that doesn't teach people to keep it sorted then nothing is gonna ... lol!

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