And the headache wins - project me day 753

24 January 2012
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Tomorrow's #FollowSA's biggest event to date!

I'm so excited and super proud!

But ... I woke up with a headache that I thought was just because I had slept a little oddly. By lunch time it was time for a tablet and a few hours ago it was something stronger.

I can't remember when last I had one of these. The ones that make me feel ill ... like I wanna hug the loo kinda sick. Now all I want to do is cry.
Of course, that's because I've been sitting in silence the entire day and forcing myself through trying to get organised for tomorrow.

Project me lesson ... SPEAK UP!!!

I've done everything from drinking water to wash it away to eating a decent meal to feed it away. I've nodded off at the computer, got a fan blowing cold air on me and done self healing Reiki on my brain ... but my head has other plans and sometimes that's what the body does. Wait ... that's always what the body does. It tells us what it wants to do, to eat and to think, but we fight it and eventually some part of us has to win.

The part that needs to have faith in the process and learn to ask for help, that part has finally won and I'm off to lie down (which I should have done about 5 hours ago!)

PS ... did I say that our #FollowSA event at @proteahotels #fireandicema hotel is FULL!!! No wonder my brain feels like it's going to explode ;p

One comment on “And the headache wins - project me day 753”

  1. Hey J, looking forward to this evening - hope that headache of your is gone!! It's going to be a big one.

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