And then I felt fab - project me post 969

30 July 2013
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What to wear?

That's used to be an absolute crisis for me, but as I've lived Project Me more and more and lost a significant amount of weight, I've seen a great change in my relationship to clothes and going out.

I was going to post a picture of me when I was hefty size 46, but I've done that and I'm working hard at staying in the moment and leaving the past to settle into a comfortable place in my memories. I still flipped through the entire 3 and a half years' worth of pictures in the blog gallery and it was a damn fine exercise to do. I don't think I needed it after the weekend I had, but I've always said to take those pics of when you are feeling so uncomfortable with yourself so that when you feel fab, you really feel fab.

My bestie, Greggie, has had a long history with me and my body issues. Mostly around photographs. For years it used to be that I would only have head shots and I would have to inspect every one to ensure that I didn't look too fat, that it was at the right angle, that you couldn't see too much of me and I know I lost so many precious moments in that.

Project Me moved on day by day and I started to focus more on positive of who I was and as I did, the perceived negative melted away.

It melted away so much that now Greggie has the opposite problem:

At the You Spectacular Awards this weekend

At the You Spectacular Awards this weekend


Now I'm inspecting pictures to make sure he's got ALL of me in.

I don't say negative things like "I can't believe this is me," so I'm going to say "holy cow, this is me!"

This weekend was filled with much anticipated events and for each one I couldn't wait to capture the memorable moments.

I'm such a proud Aunty Jo, with my twin nephews (and Godsons) having their Barmitzvah on Saturday. It's a big day in a young Jewish man's life and my 13 year old nephews totally aced their portion reading from the Torah. My sister had done an amazing job with these two growing men and I really was bursting with pride.

My beautiful family, with the Barmitzvah boys on either side of the chair.

My beautiful family, with the Barmitzvah boys on either side of the chair.


It went from the buzz of screaming kids and chatting old members of the Shul to a glam night at the You Spectacular awards. This one has a funny story. It's the awards of one of our most read magazines, YOU, and the public vote for awards like best dressed celeb, hottest sports star, most glam presenter. I have been trying to crack a media invite for years and somehow bloggers just didn't get to be there. So after 4 years of trying, I made it and it's something I can now officially tick off my social media bucket list. I did have the most gorgeous guy on my arm ... so it will forever be memorable.

My bestie Greggie ... how utterly handsome and glam!

My bestie Greggie ... how utterly handsome and glam!


Then the weekend turn blue. *Giggles* Okay I had to throw something in ... but I'm actually talking Smurfs.
It was the world premiere of the Smurf 2 movie in 3D and I got to hang out with my awesome (and somewhat crazy) friend, Cheve Peters. We really have a whole bundle of fun together and Smurfing it was a fab end to a great weekend.

Cheve and me, both with a touch of blue

Cheve and me, both with a touch of blue


There's something about being able to reflect on how far you've come ... and having the pictures to prove it really makes one feel so fab. Try it ...



One comment on “And then I felt fab - project me post 969”

  1. I am testament that you eat properly and you are an example to us all.

    For me, I lost 30kg.... gained more than that back due to illness and the inability to get off the bed really. Thanks to finding a 'new life' (very much to do with you) I am losing again. I know cause more of my clothes fit me, but I refuse to stand on the scale. It is never going to dictate my happiness for the day again.

    You look gorgeous darling in that black gown! Absolutely wonderful! ... and Greg always so dashing.

    Beautifully written. See you later!

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