And then it just felt right - project me day 662

29 October 2011

I'm exhausted after a day filled with moving, so this is going to be so short, but so very sweet.

I can't tell you how much I just adore this house. It felt like home the second Pat and I had our first tiff over dozens of packed books. It felt perfect when his priority was using his new braai (barbeque) ?to cook dinner and mine was making the bedroom semi?livable.

As soon as the house is a little more sorted I will post pics but I get the feeling we are going to be settled very soon and magical things are going to happen in this new home.

Wow, it just feels so right ... so everything does happen for a reason ...

2 comments on “And then it just felt right - project me day 662”

    1. Thank you so much my friend. I'm so sorry that I just haven't been around but I'm trying to settle myself into work and home. It's so much tougher than I realised even though I'm filled with happiness. Please can you send me a catch up and I will do the same ... miss you like crazy!

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