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5 November 2012
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I'm always so torn between my beliefs that life is a continuous cycle and new years are just another day. Then there is the other side of me that get totally swept up in the calendar of things and feels as though new years are a totally new beginning of chapter in our lives. Well, I could ramble on about the numerology of things and how energies do change when the years start afresh, but that's so technical and boring for this time of year.

Yep, it's already this time of year. There are a whole of things about the year that could just tick over and I wouldn't mind if the months merged into one, but this time of years has become so very special to me and I'm finally beginning to understand why.
No matter how bogged down with life we get or the woes that we seem to think are so un-fixable, we all still have that inner child that is bursting to remind us that we have the ability to let everything go for a little while and still have fun. For some people it's bungee jumping and for others it's fast cars or?karaoke, but for me ... it's panto.

Every year I say that it's the fastest year that has gone by ... and every year I say that it's the best production of the pantomime, brought to life by Janice Honeyman and the Joburg Theatre. So I'm going to say it and add on a 'NO REALLY' ... this year was the best panto I've ever seen, NO REALLY it is!
I think the added advantage is that we got to take along 3 friends who have never seen the panto before, so it was like watching with little kids. The added bonus is that Greggie and I totally act like little kids and with this year's story being that of Jack and the Beanstalk, we knew we were?guaranteed?lots of booing of the giant & his nasty, naughty assistants.

With an amazing cast, brilliant 'only in South Africa' lines and buckets of reasons to laugh, I don't think there is ever a better way to end the year.

To the magical cast, the incredible crew who must have so many things to wind up, turn, tug & press in order to bring that awesome stage to life and to everyone else who makes panto a wonderful experience ... have a great run and give a very special kiss to Daisy, the cow!

For bookings of Janice Honeyman's Giant Pantomime Spectacular - Jack and the Beanstalk go to the Joburg Theatre website.

Hanging out with 'Jack', an amazing SA talent and special friend who I've met through Joburg Theatre, Bongi Mthombeni


A favourite, and this year's funny-evil of the Panto ... Mr Tobie Cronje

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