Another year and a day - project me day 693

26 November 2011
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Last night I was exhausted and the VERY rare occasion, in almost two years, I have gone to sleep without blogging and committed to two blogs the following day.

That commitment stands and later today I am going to be sharing a country song that always reminds me of how much Pat loves me when I have one of my girlie, insecure wobbles (yes I have those!).

While I lay in bed and waited for Pat to finish working, (because we are still sharing a computer and that sponsorship is still up for the taking) I reflected on the emotionally challenging but very necessary day Greggie and I had together.

Year two of the blog is coming to and end, but so has year two of our incredible business, Lifeology.As much as I have pushed and tried, the blog has generated sponsorship but no paid advertising and the business isn't making what we need it to. That's to survive and not to buy the car on the vision board or take the trip to Venice with the man I love.

Tomorrow's 'project body' blog will be about my relationship with money, but today is about the decision to carry on with what I have committed to.

In our own worlds both Greggie and I have loving people who have questioned our partnership and suggested that we might not be making the money we need because the combination isn't right.
Can you say anything and everything to your partner?
Do you both know that you have no secrets?
Have you told each other what you see about them when they forget who they are or how much they can achieve?

Well that's what we have. We get pissed off with each other and fight it out. I moan to my mom and before the day is through I have confronted Greggie ... and the bottom line is that both of us know we could do it on our own, but we don't want to.

By the time I got to bed we had decided that another year and a day is what we have committed to and then something else started to churn in my head. Is my blog taking away precious time from the business hours or my time with Pat. If there is a time to decide, then it's on the same day that I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I wanted to continue with my business partnership.

This Friday will be day 700 and in month's time it will be two years. Two years of blogging that has taken me on a journey that nothing in life could have offered my in near comparison. I also saw that so much of the business opportunities are born from the days and days of blogging. I smiled at the reflection of my days and how much I have grown and changed since I realised the power of living my 'project me'.

Just like I had the realisation with my best friend and business partner, I had the same realisation with my massive, bold and powerful blog.

So this year will end with lessons learned and the pride that last year I turned to my friends and readers to ask if I should carry on blogging, and this year I turned inward and committed to another magical year of telling the story of what it is like to every day absolutely goalless, totally purposeful.

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