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17 September 2012
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I packed all my winter clothes away on spring day because spring should have sprung but there's no denying that I was far too premature in that decisions. Sometimes I have this idealistic outlook on life and when winter is packed away, it should be packed in the highest cupboard. So the small stepladder is in the bedroom and a new jersey and extra thick socks keep making their way down, because in my head it will only be cold for one more day.
It's not even something I think I'll ever change about myself and it keeps giving me the opportunity to remind myself that my innocent outlook on life has me climbing new heights ... even if it's to get a packed away jersey.

The same goes for eating and even though it's a freezing cold night, there's yummy chicken salad for dinner. I'm sure I should have thrown it in a pot and souped it up, but my body is so craving fresh veggies right now.

Since I had the injection in my foot, I haven't been to gym and the whole ordeal seemed to throw me a little bit. I haven't been eating super well, although I can?definitely see that a pig-out session isn't nearly as extreme as it used to be. The one thing that does go out the window are the fresh veggies and after last night's big Jewish family dinner, I just wanted to get back on track today. I've picked up about 800g since my big announcement of 10kg and for the way I've been eating I thought it would be more.

I don't know if I told you that I've started to weight myself every morning. I've gone from being petrified of the scale to making friends with it and letting it help me work on my mindset. That's how I didn't pick up fortunes in the past 2 or so weeks. So I'm slowly feeling back to healthy, clean eating and just need an extra day or two to convince myself that my foot is fine and it's back to gym.

My special friend Mitch and Me!

I can definitely see in pics that it's slowly coming off and I watch how freely I am happy to have people post pics of me to their social networks without me holding my breath at what I'm going to look like.

Of all the steps in a hundred different directions, I have to say the ones with Pat have been the most like the dance of life.
Relationships should come with a warning ... or maybe not because I don't know if we'd brave them the way we fearlessly do.

Money and compromise ... those are the two things that I've totally come to see as the hurdles that stand in the way of a blissful journey. I'm not even striving for total bliss because I do know that the challenges and frictions make us grow as a couple, but the last few days have been like trying to mix oil and water.

I know we come out the other side stronger and that neither of us have doubts ... despite threatening to leave each other in the heated of moments, but sometimes it just seems impossible to get along or agree. If you ask us individually, we are both just trying to do the best the can in the situation we find ourselves in. It takes a whole lot of empathy to support and love someone?unconditionally. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way, but wowzers ... relationships are steps in a whole lot of crazy directions.

It's still one foot in front of the other, finally making money and watching the client base grow. It's one meal at a time and one conversation that needs to be had ...

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