Appointments, meetings and bookings - project me day 105

16 April 2010

I'm definately waking up more alive and refreshed after going to sleep before midnight, now working into the late hours and switching off the brain for a while. The stats have gone a bit to the dogs since the change in plans, but I'm have to remember that focusing on rankings for 'project me' is not goalless at all. I have other blogs (launching soon ... hold onto your pants) and projects that I can be stat and ranking driven with.

I finally made the appointment to see the family doctor, whom I've never met. In the time of mass emigration (like that's stopped) our original doctor was one of the many who packed his bags for greener pastures and the new doc stepped in. Considering I haven't been to the doc is about ten years ... suffice to say that he doesn't have a cooking clue who I am and he has this funky relationship with everyone else in my family. It all feels a little strange! So I'm off to see him today.
How's Murphy's law? I've been so freaking out about my skin and over the past few days its been slowly clearing. I thought I'd collapse on a heap in his chair and point out my adult acne ... now I have the resonance of bad skin and one pimple on my chin. Go figure! I need all the blood tests anyway ... haven't done it in ages and I know myself ... any excuse to chicken out of visiting the doctor and I'll grab at it. ... Appointment booked ... woo hoo!

Mom is recovering so nicely from her foot op and had to go for a few stitches removed only to tell me that her cast is cutting into her and making a huge sore. She says it will be fine but I thinks she's mad, her foot's gonna rot and fall off! I know I've said it before, but I'm really not Florence?Nightingale! Of course, Miss Universe would have a giggle at me and conjure up a plan with my mom' doctor to call me into the room to watch him cut off her old cast and give her a new one. She's a tough cookie ... I, however, put myself in her shoes and decided that I should talk?insistently about absolutely nothing to distract her ... over the loud electric cutting thing ... OMG!??Back in 5 weeks ... Appointment aced .... yippee.

Threw the loud cutting noise I received a phone call from my insurance brokers for my car. I can't believe the mission it's been to move from one business to the other. Some has been badly coordinated, but others is just the confusion that is going on within the admin of these freaking companies. So this guy is driving around Johannesburg searching for a place I lived at nearly four years ago. He seems to have an imaginary appointment with me. What?appointment?
How's this? ... From a simple name change and new banking details they have me as a new client with a new car to asses. The chick who's dealing with me is loopy ... no really! The first conversation she had with me she told me how she received a penis looking dessert thing from the restaurant she went to for her birthday ... sparkle and dollop of cream and all (strike one for?nuttiness) and yesterday she told me how she's a temp and the company can't actually wait to get rid of her (strike two) ... so she's just going have my car reinspected today so she doesn't have to fight with anyone (Nutty ... strike three)! Clearly I have booking for some guy, who she says is a very good representative of the company, young and friends (Strike four) ... Today after the doctors! ... Unwanted booking!

I also managed to threated, be angry and demand enough attention from everyone around me to have the ex-ex business partner pay his freaking car license. Miracles do happen. Now it's time for mine to finally be sorted out after 8 months. I can't believe that it takes so much from people to get something so simple done! Anyhooo ... between doctor and car inspections I have to find to for a meeting to collect my car license! ... Much needed meeting for the girl who hates breaking rules.

Do you know how bad the rule breaking is? I went to meet Princess Kiki for a lunch/meeting thingie yesterday and I hate to?parallel?park. So I found a parking in the side street just by someones house and the back of my car jutted out just into their driveway. OMG ... I was mortified ... It's during the day, the whole family must be at work and I plan to be gone way before day's end, but no, the tiny bit of car that should not be in the way is getting to me! So I did a project me thing and giggled at myself ... let's focus on the lunch/meeting.

I've wanted to work with Kiki for years and now I know that the time is on the horizon. She's a brilliant make-up artist/beauty therapist and has this social butterfly energy! The time has come ... I'm ready to talk, to teach and to council again and I'm talking sex, intimacy and having a whole lot of fun while loving our bodies. So we're getting it off the ground ... I love first meetings where ideas are thrown around like crazy. I'm so excited and feel the calling of countless peeps who so need the?reassurance?that they are sexy, confident and deserving of a fantastic sex life! ... Rocking meeting ... yay!

While making my way through my salad and loving the little point system I'm on, this guy walks past the table and Kiki says 'Hi!' He just happens to be the tattoo dude that her hubby goes to. Well the artist who works with the tattoo dude! So now we're talking tattoo's and we're finishing off lunch to go check out the work tattoo studio. Kiki and I have this long chat that we'll scout places first and look at everyone's portfolios because she's doing one with me. I have no intention at all of even contemplating booking because we've just had a discussion and I stick to my plans. But nooo ... he's brilliant and there's a cute puppy bouncing around and it's priced so well that I'm now thinking some people are out there to really just make money. They've seen my design (a goddess holding the moon about her head) and they say I need to bring a hard copy and they'll sketch it till I'm happy. Well ... no one has said that to me before! So, the vibe is awesome, Kiki and I are giggling like girls, the puppy is yapping away and I'm feeling right at home. At home enough to go: "Oh fuck it ... let's do it!"
18 May is his first appointment ... fantastic! That means he's good (just to triple check) and I have time to breathe it all in. Kiki has time too ... she's really OMG'ing ... tee hee! ?Tattoo appointment ... DONE! About freakin' time ... and thanks again to my special friend China Doll for such a cool pressie ... I'm spending your money finally!!

I'm gathering that you're gathering that I didn't get much work done! But ... I did have phone meeting with Greggie. We spoke about Lifeology and I'm beginning to realise just how much I love the social networking side of things and have all these plans on how I'm going grow the brand. While I was running around town, my partner was creating masterpieces in the way he does best ... and that's why we are the perfect combo ... awesome phone meeting!

But wait ... there's some 'project me' odds and ends ... like ...
I wore high heels for the first time since the broken toe ... that's well over six weeks. But the shoes are back and I'm humbled at the power the baby toes holds over my fashion for all eternity.
I got my chatting time with Fence Guy last night and had a fun catch up ... he could feel my frustration at having free time to think and be with myself and we shared how it really isn't the easiest thing to do.
As guessed ... Kiki went into special friend mode and had a long glare at me when I told her Mr Big was back. The good friend that she is ... she listened and smiled and told me that I've gotto go with whatever I want to do!
I realised how blessed I am to have the relationship I do with my mom. It's not every mom and daughter who can stare at the condom section of the isle while I select the condoms and she's horrified that we need so much variety these days. What happened to standard, one size fits all ... tee hee!

Alright ... I have to dash ... I have those meeting and appointment, don't I!

48 comments on “Appointments, meetings and bookings - project me day 105”

  1. Friend each and every person has their own path to walk, I am never going to insist you follow mine as you will never do me.

    Which is why you follow your heart and keep you happy!!

    Thanks for the awesome words!!

    May I share my rude awakening???? Those close to me know what a huge mission my day job has been!!!! Right?!? Any who, I am in make up full time now and slowly recovering from the death of my best friend a few years go and my gran father a few months ago.

    I decide to kick the hot look up a notch and realise I have not a single high heeled shoe in my two closets!!!!! I didn't realise how one unhappy situation rolls into all of your life without you even knowing it!!!

    Hubby took me stiletto shopping!!! I am sexy and happy and will always remember to sort out unhappy situations out before they get near my "closet"!!!

    1. And you say you aren't a writer or inspiration ... I'm gonna step on you with my stiletto (which I don't have either ... and it's now on my to-do list) ... until you start blogging and sharing your awesome thoughts and lesson with the world.

      I had a very special day with you, even though I know your heart was sore ... Love you my friend!

  2. Me too friend and can't wait to start our venture. Oh man I can't write!!! Its just what happen yesterday!

    Any you know my hubby, god sent!

  3. Now that's a blog right there ... who's telling the world about the wonderful hubby on a daily basis ... trust me ... the world could do with some of that 😉

  4. I've missed you!! But am back and totally inspired that you still have your mojo jojo! 105 days in and running on full! So excited thatvyour lifelong desire is coming to life soon and can't wait to see the pics! Isn't it crazy how this artist found you, he's the one!!
    I'm sure you'll keep us posted and let's go shoe shopping next time I'm in town 😉

    1. Oh boy have I missed you too!
      I wouldn't be organising this tattoo if it weren't for you my friend! I would have found every excuse to do other things with the money. More responsible thing ...

      I will keep you posted and ... as always ... get so excited whenever you comment and I know you are so near no matter how far!

      Had amarula last night and thought of you ... so ... amarula kisses my friend!

  5. Stumbled into this site by chance but I?m sure glad I clicked on that link. You definitely answered all the questions I?ve been dying to answer for some time now. Will definitely come back for more of this. Thank you so much

    1. Cute name, Miss Pencil. My advice is to just keep writing ... the more you love it the more confident you will gain. Enjoy the journey!

  6. I?ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

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