April 2021 Energy Update - Numerology & Astrology

29 March 2021

We are finally at the long-awaited end of the cycle in numerology with April being a 9 energy. It started in May 2020 and it has taken 11 months to do a 9 energy cycle, as we took 2 steps back in January and February 2021 to repeat the 6 energy of November 2020 and the 7 energy of December

With the intensity of 2020, it’s like the universe gave us a chance to double back and be sure we got the fundamental lessons at the start of this year. Now that we have found the places we feel empowered and disempowered through March, April’s 9 energy signals in letting go. It’s the end of the numerological cycle and this energy always brings closure, but it is still in your control. If you have the bravery to tell yourself the truth and at least acknowledge what and who is the stable energy in your life, it is easier to admit where the cracks are showing. 

As the months go by, the universe takes the energy of each month and nudges you in the direction of your self-worth and deepest desires. If you haven’t had the consciousness or bravery to see who and what truly serves you and how you are serving yourself in your highest esteem, the universe steps in and will demand your attention.

Don’t worry if nothing new begins or if the month feels slow in places. The energetic compass is aimed at closure and endings, and not newness. Imagine your life as a treasure box. This is the time to remove any clutter before the spaces can be filled. How sad if we don’t brave making space for the new. 

Our moon phases begin on April 4th with the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn, which is perfectly aligned to the 9 energy for the month. It will have you reflecting on what doesn’t work efficiently and reliably in your life. The feeling of needing to let go will be activated in this moon phase.

Pisces Balsamic Moon from the 9th is the 72-hour dark phase of the moon before the New Moon. This phase is directly aligned with the last stretch of the 12-month moon phases before Aries New Moon comes around again. What comes up to be processed at this time are endings to what you have been emotionally holding onto and entangled yourself in, in the fantasy of what could be.  

New Moon in Aries on 12 April is the first in the new astrological year. With the 9 influence, it may be a feisty time where frustration and childish games are trying to show you what isn’t serving you well or how you are not being flexible enough. This is my subtle reminder that on the other side you are in other people's treasure boxes and they are also deciding if you are worth the effort and energy. 

If you are working with crystals, it is a special time to select a crystal or two and charge them with the New Moon energy that will carry you through the next 12 months. Set brave, open intentions to have faith and consciousness to allow the universe to guide you. It is important to remember that last year’s Jupiter and Saturn shift into the Air element of Aquarius is guiding us to understand that we want to align with our universe to create unconditional experiences, which is very different from the Earth element of the past 200 years, of wanting to create perfect and programmed experiences.

Leo First Quarter Moon on 20th April guides you to feel the independence and bravery you need to make the most of the 9 numerological month. It will ask you to look at where you do and don’t shine in the world. 

The Full moon in Scorpio on 27 April is a Super Full Moon, which could make it feel like a very emotional time. Don’t shy away from what comes up, as Scorpio is very supportive in revealing the shadows, giving you the opportunity to face the depths of deceit and truth. It doesn’t have to be dramatic and may not have anything to do with anyone but your relationship with you and the kindness you show yourself.

I have made it simple for you to diarise the moon phases and be guided on how to work with Moon Phases to Manifest the Life You Want.

On 19 April the Sun enters Taurus, which will have a practical and receptive energy. This Earth energy will help you work through what comes up in the 9 month and ensure you persevere to take the steps you need to bring about that empowerment you realised during March. Don’t let money and the fears that come with it be the reason you can’t brave the truth that comes up during practical Taurus season. The Money and Me FREE eBook and course may be perfectly aligned to support you at this moment.

Our first retrograde for the year (other than Mercury) is Pluto in Capricorn on the 27th of April. This outer planet shifts our energy at the last moment of the month to ensure that you witness the old systems and how they do not serve you. Don’t hate the retrogrades. They are always perfectly timed and collaborate with your higher self and soul to go inwards and see what is in the shadow. This Pluto retrograde will shake up the areas in your life where you have limited your worth and desires. Being the planet of rebirth and resources, it will be very closely aligned with the Taurus energy and the 9 numerological month that it’s starting to indicate where you need to brave the truths. 

Through the month of April, I am running a 20% discount special on the tarot and numerology combo session, as this will be the best overall guidance you could gift yourself or someone else with during the 9 energy of the month. We will look at your numerology for the next astrological cycle, as Aries brings in a taste of what the new beginnings can bring, and the tarot reading will indicate your soul guidance for what closure is needed before a whole new 9 cycle begins. 

Join me in Clubhouse every Sunday for the energy update for the week and join the Conscious Transformation club to not miss out on the other rooms, filled with tarot, numerology, astrology, and transformation guidance and support.

Whether it’s our monthly energy update, Clubhouse room tarot readings and astrology updates, or sharing the numerology for the day across the social networks, we ❤️ freely sharing our messages from tarot, numerology and astrology with you and would be so grateful for some ❤️ in return with a tip in BuyMeACoffee.

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