Are you going to survive Mercury Retrograde with me? - project me day 692

24 November 2011
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Google really can be a toss up between my best friend and my worst enemy. Either way, we spend a good amount of time together each day. I check my spelling, my facts and my doubts and a day never passes without Google and I hooking up. I have come a long way from heavily relying on the information that Google sends my way, except for spelling, that I always trust of my own guesswork.

However, today was one of those deep needed, I'm going to totally lean on Google, I must find the answers, days!


Because today Mercury goes retrograde and I'm determined not to have the same reaction or do the same things when our dear friend comes along.
For those of you who don't know what Mercury Retrograde is ... and you should if you've been following 'project me', because of my need to try to make friends with it each time it comes around ... here's how it goes.

This occurs 3 times a year, on average. This year it has 4 cycles just for extra measure.
So retrograde happens when it appears to be moving backwards through the solar system. It's like travelling on the road watching another car beside you: when the other car slows down, or you speed up, it looks as though the other car is moving backwards. Planets are never?actually?retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way due to this cosmic shadow-play.

Either way, it messages with all the Mercury deals with ... technology, communication and transport. I'm sure if you ask people who are aware of it, they all have a horror story about a delayed flight, a crashed computer or a lost document.
Life is a mixture or scary and exciting all at the same time and I can feel the need to slow down and focus on me for a while. It's one of the toughest things in the world for me ... to focus on me. And so I decided to Google the upside of Mercury Retrograde.

What's 'project me' without looking for the positive and living with the consciousness and so I've decided to not be afraid of the usual stories of retrograde and I'm going to make my own ... ones of?positiveness, introspection and happy plans.

To do this Google took me to an interesting article that highlighted the upside of Mercury Retrograde and from the responses of just one Tweet, I think a whole lot of us need to embrace this time and turn it into positive potential before the year draws to a close and a new, fresh and limitless year begins ...

"Here are nine ways to make Mercury Retrograde work for you. Note that many suggestions begin with the letters?re.?Think?re?for retrograde.

1. Re-connect.
This is the time to look up old friends and family. You've been meaning to call Aunt Martha, or get together with your old high school buddy. Do it! Now is the time to pick up the telephone. Chances are they will be receptive and you'll be glad you did.

And you, yourself, may hear from long lost pals now.

2. Re-search.
While it is not the time to go forward with grand plans, this is a superb time to research facts and ideas you can use later.

3. Re-view.
Take that application or take your business plan and give it a second look. Chances are you will see things in a different light. And that can give you ideas to strengthen it. And that second look will ensure you have covered the bases.

4. Re-do.
If you were too hasty the first time, or you chose not to follow my advice, you may find yourself having to redo that report. But each time you redo, you refine.

5. Re-fresh.
Your brain and your body were not designed to function 24/7. Taking a little time to kick back and relax refreshes you and ultimately makes you far more productive than trying to plow straight through.

6. Re-solve.
Go back and clean up old relationships that ended badly. You can resolve many issues now - even bury the hatchet.

7. Back Burner items.
Now is the time to get to projects that have been pushed into the background.

8. Re-organize.
Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time to clean out old closets, old files, old agendas, throw out what is no longer useful to make room for the new.

9. Re-contact.
Are you in sales? Then, this is the perfect time to re-contact old leads.

If you must take on a new job or a new project during this time, know that it will change. A lot. So stay loose and flexible. Because your perspective will change also.

But if you had previously began a project, applied for that position, contacted that key lead, Mercury Retrograde will not affect you.

Use the Mercury retrograde time in a positive way, and you'll be refreshed and renewed and ready to move forward when Mercury changes course."

An extract from Ellen Zucker's Ezinearticle on Mercury retrograde.

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