Ask me anything - project me day 334

4 December 2010

Seeing as though I'm feeling so much more like myself after months, I decided to splash out and answer some questions for fun again! Haven't done this is months ... yay!!

So I found a whole bunch of questions after googling 'ask me anything' and here are a decent enough amount of them to make me smile, cry, blush and feel me again ... well, I ain't feeling anyone else 😉

Here goes:

Who was the last perso?n you gave up on?
Damn, I have to get philosophical so early already. I don?t give up on people but I don?t put my faith in them either. I believe everyone does the best they can. On that note, I do get saddened by how people give up on themselves ? very often!

Have you talke?d to a compl?ete jerk today??
Not today ;-)?

Do you think? relat?ionsh?ips are even worth? it?
Wow who hurt you so badly to even think of such a silly question? Is that an ?of course? answer enough?

If you could? pack up and move would? you?
I totally hate this question. I don?t need to so I won?t but after falling for someone who lived on the other side of the world, I believe that I have the potential to get on a plane and go see if it?s worth it. I hope the Universe ain?t listening ? eeekkk!

Do your paren?ts REALL?Y know you?
*Smile* ? I am so blessed with my parents. My mom is here to know me and my dad watches over me and always reminds me of how much he knows that I know myself.

When was the last time you laugh?ed reall?y hard?
Every time I am surrounded by my ever growing circle of friends we laugh that hard. How lucky can one girl be to laugh so hard so often.?

What are you excit?ed for?
Right now ? tomorrow?s lunch with about 13 beautiful friends!

Has anyon?e told you latel?y that they would? alway?s be there? for you?
Just this morning ? the very person I was going to climb on a plane and move to the other side of the world for. That aside, some people don?t ever need to say it.

What do you want right? now?
Trick question, right? Doesn?t everyone answer ? sex!

Do you fall for peopl?e easil?y?
Hello, what part of Libra aren?t you getting?

What'?s your mood right? now?

Last perso?n you told a secre?t to?
Greggie ? now don?t go hunting him down to torture him for it ... I have very few secrets ?. Just keep reading ?project me? to see

Are you stubb?orn?
Hahahahahaha ? um, that?s a yes!?

Do you wish you were somew?here else right? now?
Yes 😉

How long can you go witho?ut your mobil?e phone???
Well how long can you go without oxygen?

Ever kisse?d someo?ne else'?s girlf?riend?/?boyfr?iend?
Sigh ? yes! BUT he didn?t tell me that they were back together at the time ... so technically no. Well, until I kissed him again ? oh rats!! Ok ?Ok ? yes!?

What'?s the worst? time to say I love you?
When it?s followed with a ?but?

What is one place? you would? love to visit? right? now?
I would be in Italy in a heartbeat ? Rome or Venice to be exact. Oh and not without Pandora joining me from Croatia

Do you know anyon?e named? Dan?
Oh my word ? I do! My body stress release therapist and my step nephew (is that how you say it?)

Is there? someo?ne you know you shoul?d hate,? but you can't??
Freaking hell, where did I find these questions? I think I need a drink! Yes ? but I can?t and I?ve tried but I still can?t! ?

Is there? anyon?e you trust? even thoug?h you shoul?dn'?t?
Hang 10 ? going to get that drink!!! Um ? yes! ?

Are you afrai?d of falli?ng in love?
Right ... I'll just go fetch that bottle!! A part of me is. Both because of my personal experiences and what I have seen from my career as I facilitate in people?s journey's to happiness ... but I admit it and do it anyway! ?

Are you a forgi?ving perso?n??
I can absolutely smile and say yes to that one

Are you talki?ng to someo?ne while? doing? this?
No ? I have gone stealth online and shut the door ? ?project me? is always my time?

Are you young?er than 21?
Bastard ? or bitch! No ? I?m like 37

Do you like winte?r?
I love winter but haven?t really experienced a cold one ? South African winters are hardly winters at all?

Do you have feeli?ngs for anyon?e?
Yes ?

Is there anyone you need to tell something to?
With this big mouth? But they will hear it soon enough!

Do you want to yell at the top of your lungs???
Yes please!!!!

Are you named? after? a grand?paren?t??
Thanks for asking ? I am! My mother?s dad ? Jack!

Who'?s bed did you sleep? in last?
Besides my mom?s when my back was sore? Mr Big ? oh the distant memory!?

Last place? you smoke?d a cigar?ette??
August 2004 on the night that I consciously took my last puff and quit!

Last time you recei?ved flowe?rs?
Should I jump off the coffee table right now? Far too long ago!?

Are you addic?ted to anyth?ing??
You know I am ? dammit! Dealing with the addiction to comfort eating as we speak

What are you about? to do?
Lie on the couch an finish reading Paulo Coelho?s By the river Piedra I sat down and wept.

What do you do when you get mad?
Usually I eat, but now that I?m dealing with that ? um, I now vent that anger and burst out crying! Early days ?

What?s? bothe?ring you right? now?
Money stuff

Is it possi?ble that you could? be pregn?ant right? now?
You have to be having sex for that! Sigh!!!

If you had to go witho?ut one food group? for the rest of your life,? which? would? it be?
You will have to shoot me to get to them ? I?m not sacrificing anything yummy in this life or any other!!

What'?s the great?est thing? that happe?ned to you today??
I woke up feeling great. Nearly pain free and healthier than a very long time, knowing I can do anything! Basically, I remembered that I?m fabulous.?

Do you like the perso?n you are becom?ing??
Every day I like me more!

Do you miss anyon?e from your past?
Bradley Palmer-Owen! Asta lavista baby!!

If heaven exists, how would you like to be greeted when you get there?
Like I had arrived at a surprise party filled with all my friends and family waiting to scream ?surprise?!!

Let's not forget that it's 21 days until Christmas and my Christmas Country coundown continues with my favourite country artist, Keith Urban doing his version of Winter Wonderland. I love him for his talent and his off the wall personality! Nicole Kidman is one lucky chick!!!

7 comments on “Ask me anything - project me day 334”

  1. Ultimately you did really well in avoiding the most important question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" 🙂

    1. I have a question ... what the heck where you doing up at such a crazy hour?
      And ... to answer your question ... I want to be a Simba chippie 😉
      Tee hee
      Happy Sunday!!

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