August 2021 Energy Update: Numerology & Astrology

29 July 2021

Now I’m beginning to feel like the end of the year is hurtling towards us and I want to make sure we all know how to make the most of the remainder of the 5 universal year of 2021. I have spoken about it so much but a refresher, in a nutshell, is for us to find our freedom through discovering who we are authentically. This can only be done if we have had our foundation shattered (2020 as a 4 year) and rebuild our beliefs through our choices and actions. Not the easiest of years but in 5 months time, we could feel totally liberated.

August brings about a reminder of what all of 2020 was like in an intense month of testing the foundation we have created. The energy of the month may not be a relaxed as the past few, but it's time for the reality check to see how on track we are with setting the foundation of who we truly are. Not who we have been programmed to be or who we think others need or to be, or worse – who others are moulding us to be. As much as the 4 is about creating a foundation, it also needs to destabilise a false foundation. Don’t always look outside of yourself, as everything begins with the courage to tell yourself the truth first. If you want a theme word for August, it’s ‘beliefs’. Whose beliefs are you living by? What do you believe? Who do you believe? All of these weigh heavily on your intuition and your ability to trust your conscious, rational mind over your irrational and controlling ego-mind. Getting through August doesn’t have to be as unpleasant as the memory of 2020, but that is only done if you kick off the month and then hold on tight to the belief you have in yourself.

If you don’t know where to start, simply begin by acknowledging that and have some faith that this month’s energy is ready to guide you to see the cracks and the steadfastness that makes up the beautiful tapestry of who you are.

We are still in a lot of retrograde energy and all of them will give an extra push during August because they will be wanting you to feel the places where you need to build a stronger foundation in your beliefs around them. Here is what each planet is going to call for you to focus on:

Pluto – What must end, whether it is within you or surrounding you? A hint is that finances or plans will be stuck and the universe can’t align until you see where you are not stepping into your self-worth
Saturn – Where are you feeling restricted or restricting yourself? Letting go of limiting belief in yourself or anything/anyone that holds you back from living boldly and freely
Jupiter – How do you continue to grow despite external limitations? This will be the place where the world in its current state is feeling as though it has control over you, but Jupiter asks how you would create your own rules to live by that you wouldn’t need to be governed by anything or anyone else.
Neptune – How anchored are your beliefs? The sky is the limit when it comes to how you can transform while Neptune is in retrograde, but you do need to trust your imagination and learn to distinguish when the ego voice is holding you back from altering your beliefs and keeping you feeling safer in fear (Yes, the ego does that!)
Chiron – What old wounds have crept up? You have the opportunity to let it all go and stop the control of your perception of the past.

July ended with Jupiter retrograding back into Aquarius so that it is with Saturn again. If you missed my post at the end of last year about The Great Conjunction (14:30 into the video), take a listen because it’s a big deal. Through till December, it is going to be this push and pull between our freedom and our restrictions and this is another reminder that the 5 universal energy is doing the same thing. If there is ever a time to not be swayed by the collective and stand in the true power of who you are, this is it. Watch for the groups that are not operating from places of higher knowledge and who simply don’t want to be controlled. That’s not a good enough excuse to weigh your life choices on.

But wait, there’s more! We aren’t done with the retrograde. On the 19th it’s Uranus’s turn. Until January 2022 this energy will want us to go inward and discover what is holding us back from living more authentically and with way less concern about what the world may think. Being in Taurus, you may need to master the art of patience with yourself and learn to distinguish between being steadfast and stubborn. More shadow work!!

Balsamic/Dark Moon is on 4th August in Gemini, giving us the 72 hours before the New Moon to contemplate how much we have changed since last year. Use the inquisitive energy of this time to get to know yourself a bit better.

This is the ideal time to remind you that shadow work is the great gift you can give yourself to meet your traits in the light of who you could be if the ego didn’t hold you back. Begin by booking a 1-hour Transformation Coaching Session for me to guide you through the understanding of ego/unconscious mind and soul/conscious mind through the conscious practice of faith.
August’s special is 15% off Transformation Coaching Session for personal guidance to maintain a mindset of F.A.I.T.H (Focus, Acceptance, Intention, Trust & Happiness)

New Moon on the 8th of August is in Leo and when you align this with the 4 energy of the month, you should have a new sense of confidence in how you want to assert yourself into the world. Watch that you don’t confuse passion with being overly emotional.

First Quarter Moon on the 15th is in Scorpio and may show the shadow parts of your ego that are holding you back from launching into the steps it takes to bravely transform.

Full Moon on the 22nd of August is in Aquarius and when the moon illuminates all you have done through the month, it is going to call for you to look at how much you believe in the uniqueness of who you are.

The moon phases end of the 30th with the Last Quarter Moon in back in Gemini again. How differently will you feel about yourself and your core beliefs from the beginning of the month?

Virgo season begins on the 22nd, so use this time of structure, organisation and self-service well. Watch for where you over-work and over-think!

If this blog post or the live sessions or recordings of my guidance through the energy of the months helps you and you feel moved to do so, I have a simple tipping gesture for those who wish to share energy exchange. You can send me some ❤️  with a tip in BuyMeACoffee or please pass any of my content onto someone who may need it, as that warms my heart most of all! 

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I am ending this month's message with a moment of deep acknowledgement for every soul, living creature and our planet, and I am sending a flame of love and faith to all that need it, that don't know they need it and that has given so much that they have no more to give.

Stay brave! 

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