Backward in a forward kinda way - project me day 596

20 August 2011
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This is going to be short and hopefully sweet enough ...

I had to go to body stress release for my back yesterday and I'm on a course of anti-inflammatories which I haven't had to take in over 6 months. I feel as though I'm sitting on the pain again, but not the pain that was before the sequestration of my disks. It's more like the pain I was nursing after, but pain non the less.

I'm trying to keep calm and not totally freak out that my back is giving in on me again. I keep reminding myself that it took months to finally sequestrate and I wasn't doing anything about it then ... I wasn't conscious and now I am. I've stopped gym?immediately, went straight to a treatment that I know works, haven't been sitting for hours on end and am taking medication. That's pretty forward for a situation that feels as though it's driving me backwards.

Next week is hectic with important meetings on Monday, my first Social Media Tuesday breakfast at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg, on the radio on Wednesday and the build up to the launch of FollowSA in 10 days time ... so yes, I'm nervous!

I have friends coming over later, so I don't want to be sitting for too long. I also have my boyfriend coming home and us supporting the opposite sides in the rugby with us watching a match for the first time ... hence, the need to lie down, take a deep breathe and remind myself that I'm more conscious this time around!

One comment on “Backward in a forward kinda way - project me day 596”

  1. Remember that it is not only what you do but the pressure you put on yourself that causes the discomfort. In amongst all the changes you have made physically, also institute a "go-easy-on-myself" policy to lighten your load.

    Push yourself less, have more fun and don't worry about the future, then you will be able to do everything that you love. Oh, and smile! 🙂

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