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3 May 2016
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IMG_0654I love telling stories and wouldn't be much of a teacher, writer or entrepreneur without them. On the other side of my self esteem, I wouldn't be much of them without Google either.

Confession time! Through all the bravery I display to the world, I have a fearful side of me that potential held me back from many dreams and opportunities in my life. You see, I'm a petrified traveler. Not only when I have to jump on a plane and land in a foreign country, but within my own hood and in my city and country.

I'm old enough to have ventured as an entrepreneur, before the days of Google maps and what a small amount of adventuring I did. I confess, I said no to events and meeting and trips because I was simply too afraid to get myself lost in the world. Irrational as it may seem, that's what fears are and it held me back.

Until ... Google Maps!

Enter a life changing App and engine and guide and hand holder through the big wide world. I remember the first day I had to head into the Johannesburg CBD with my new phone and it's amazing new feature. I had a navigator and she was going to make sure I was safe and didn't have to miss opportunities or adventures anymore. I was petrified and had my business partner on speed dial, because seriously, this Google mapping system, hanging around in my phone, could get me anywhere?

In a month's time I am flying to the USA for the first time, on my own. I can assure you that I would be doing this if I didn't know my Google maps navigator would be right by my side. We may use Google to simply search and think it's a magical tool, but sometimes it does way more than that. Sometimes it makes us bonder, helps us fall in love, gives us a gift we thought was impossible to find or provides us with an opportunity not possible before it could be Googled!

I'm sure you have a Google story too and I'm giving away an awesome Google swag hamper, including a Sony Xperia device, for the coolest story (300 words or LESS) you share with me on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Simply use the hashtag #MyGoogleZA and either tell your story straight on the platform or send me the link to where you have shared it. No # ... No Win ... AND your story could be featured in Elle Magazine too!

Some T's & C's

This is a South African based competition!!

Share your #MyGoogleZA story on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tag me in.


Comment on my Facebook post, Instagram Post or Twitter, with the hashtag #MyGoogleZA

Competition closes on 16 May, where I will select one winner who will receive a #MyGoogleZA Swag hamper and a chance for your story to be featured in Elle Magazine!

Have fun!!

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