Beautiful friends - project me day 177

28 June 2010

Waking up to a blog filled with comments about happiness and excitement about my 'wow' moment made me think ... wow (a different kind of wow!) I'm one lucky girl because I really have the most beautiful friends.

There are those that I have known for years and those that I have slowly met over time, but then there are those who I have never really met at all. Today, those are the beautiful friends I spent most of my day thinking of and talking to.
Blogging seemed like a good idea at the time and gave me opportunities to write every day and touch as many lives as I could, but I never stopped to think how many lives would touch me in return.

I have beautiful friends that I've never met before, but we have one thing in common ... we blog!
We all blog about our lives and through the need to grow our blogs or because of our passion for blogging, we read other's blogs. We read and we comment and then we read some more and before we know it, we are entwined in each other's lives. We are hoping for each other's health, love or happiness.

It's those beautiful friends who give a different kind of love and support because they know what it's like to live (out of some crazy choice) with the world watching. Of all of those beautiful friends, I have two who have grown to share my life with me and I just adore them for knowing how magical and scary this new chapter of my life is.
Nikki and Robert ... I adore you my blogging friends! Thank you for knowing me in a way only a blogging beautiful friend could!

5 comments on “Beautiful friends - project me day 177”

    1. Of course a mention ... you are very super special and should hv your name flashing at every stadium just coz you're u 😉
      Oodles of schnoodles of love 😉

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