Bedtime no stories - project me day 320

20 November 2010

We fly home tomorrow after such a special holiday at the coast. Besides the constant wind that didn't stop blowing for a week, we managed to fit so many precious moments into a week.

That's all for tomorrow's blog though because it's early to rise tomorrow and we have to pack up and be at the airport early that Irvie can get the dogs packed in the car and make his way home too.

I want to take my time and share my very special day that I had yesterday, but right now I need to sleep. 'Project me' has taught me when to push and when to slow down and after our last dinner out, my back is telling me it's resting time.

So, tomorrow it's onto the airplane, back home to mommy and kitty ... and a blog filled with friends, fun and good causes! Tonight, however, it's straight to bed without any stories, so I hope you tell yourselves beautiful ones!

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