before the drugs kick in - project me day 254

13 September 2010

I didn't know pain until today. I was supposed to go for a cortisone injection tomorrow but on my back from a well stored pee (because walking is hell on earth) my back totally gave up. Cold sweats, screaming, weeping and begging for anything to take the pain away.

My family have been amazing, especially my mom and brother. We first called an ambulance through the most amazing Jewish community service called Hatzolah. They suggested doctors on call and the most special doc arrived.

2 cortisone, 1 local anaesthetic and my first ever shot of pethadene later ...

The messages of concern and support have Been amazing and project me has kept me as positive as humanly possible considering I was sobbing because I thought I was either going to be eternally paralysed or my leg was going to fall off from lack of circulation!

I guess ice cream and county music can't fix everything.

12 comments on “before the drugs kick in - project me day 254”

    1. Miss my chats with you and can't wait to say hiya soon.

      Thanks for all the good wishes and the awesomeness that is helping me through!

    1. Thanks my friend and I hope that you little one is getting better on your end of the world. It's terrible to have foreign pain!

      Miss you like crazy!

      1. Yes it is! I'm taking him to the dr in a bit. He's not happy about it, but hopefully he can get some better ear drops to clear everything up. I'm hoping he'll prescribe something for me too, like more rum or whiskey, hahaha.

        Miss you too!!! <3
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