Between boxes and blogs - project me day 462

7 April 2011
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Oh boy, I know what happens when I wake up feeling like this. I want to get everything done in a day and then I spend the entire morning doing pointless things or staring at the laptop screen and jumping erratically between far too many open windows.

It's a busy day no matter what, but it's to get the priorities right and busy myself efficiently that's freaking me out. I have been sitting here since a little after 7am and still haven't blogged. I've managed to Tweet, Facebook, check mails and make a mental list of what I should do today, but the doing is a blur.

I can't deal with the boxes anymore and want to be sleeping in my bedroom by the weekend. I haven't been because there are is no security in my room as yet and no blinds with blaring outside lights that need to be toned down with energy saving globes. I really won't sleep with all of that going on, but I've decided to hang sheets (because I'm getting fancy curtains and it's worth the wait) and not be such a baby about the locked door and the 10 000 angels and one mother of a dragon who watches over me.

The boxes are still all book ... oh, and the rest are my dragon ornaments and alter, so I don't want them stuffed into boxes for too long. One the other hand, I have to change the blog from Organic Orgasm to Organic O today. I need to have the site as ready as possible if anyone goes to the website. Or do I?

I also have to finalise the details for the Organic O party in Cape Town tonight and that should be the biggest priority of all. I do have great girls and nothing needs to be done, but it feels like it's going to take hours.

In the midst of all the things to do ... I need shoes! Seriously, it seems to be more of a priority than anything else. You see, I hurt my back when winter came to an end last year and all my shoes have heal. Now that my back is not so happy with anything that has the slightest raise, I have no winter shews (hehehehe ... how's that for unconscious spelling, so I decided to leave it) at all.
It's Thursday club tonight, which is all about networking, and lifeology is giving away a prize at the event. So I want to feel comfie, of couse, and open toed shoes in the beginning of chilled nights is not going to cut it.

That's only some of it. The rest is about having meetings because I've decided I'm feeling a little insecure about business arrangements being up in the air. I want to research a product that I would hate to see vanish from the market and I have 6 people for a business meeting tomorrow night and can't get menu options out of my head.

On top of it all, there are dudes hanging blinds so I can't shower (but that's my fault for having wasted 2 hours of shower time) and my older nephews are coming to spend the day because they are having a terrible day at school. It's amazing what little hearts have to deal with ... they just moved home, their dad is sick, their mom never worked and now has a day job and the night before last they tragically lost their 18 month old puppy to poisoning. The aunty in me just wants to lie on the bed and cuddle with them and Saphirah, but there's too much to do today.

Gosh ... I hope you are as exhausted as I am just thinking about it 😉

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