Between Holland and Vitamin C it is very orange - project me day 185

6 July 2010

I am never the one to make the social arangements, but there is not way that I am not watching the first semi final of the 2010 world cup semi finals at home. I'm watching it amongst other enthusiastic fans no matter whether they are supporting Netherlands or?Uruguay.
That's such a lie ... I'm so not gonna be impressed if I'm surrounded by a bunch of?Uruguayan supports. It's such a pity that I won't be able to do much glaring down upon them and screaming "Hup Holland Hup" in their faces.

Yep ... I have flu!

It started last night while I was pretending to hold it all together with a room filled with students hanging onto my every word. I even pretended to really intently 'think' so that I could deal with the cloudy head that go worse by the second. By the time I woke up this morning I had that eeewwy dry mouth, stuffy nose and ever so cloudy head. That isn't going to stop me from wearing my orange and heading into the winter cold to shout for the Netherlands.

I have a few special friends who live in Holland and it started with the promise to support their team just as long as 'my' team was not playing. Lucky for them there was no such clash and I now find myself a devoted Holland fan. Ok, the boys are super hot, so that's an added bonus ... but they do have my vote till the end.

So today was very orange, adorned in the only orange jersey I have and pumping myself with vitamin C, drinking orange juice and chewing on nothing else but vitamin C. I even went so far as to buy throat lozenges that have an extra boost of vitamin C. Thank the Gods I know that any excess just get's peed straight out.

I'm partially fine ... even though the throat is scratchy and the nose is running away from me ... but I organised tonight because I was not watching at home. I want to be in the midst of it all and feel the incredible vibe that is South Africa tonight, so I'm munching on a bright orange vitamin C tab and preparing myself for the orange boys to kick some?Uruguayan?butt!!

Hup Holland Hup!!!!!!!

25 comments on “Between Holland and Vitamin C it is very orange - project me day 185”

  1. YES!!!!

    3-2 as close as I thought it was. Fantastic game, though I do think the better team won on the day. Next, lets take the cup!
    My recent post My Hero

    1. Now I am so nervous for tonight and it starts all over again.
      I'm so buying myself a bright orange shirt for the big event!! Woo hoo ... very exciting times!

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