Between the pages of a magazine - project me day 625

20 September 2011

Tazz Nginda wearing True Religion clothing for the Curvy SA hunk of the month shoot. Photograper: Pat Sloane

The irony of going with the flow usually happens when hindsight hits you between the eyes. I had more than one of those moments today and I can't but wonder why Lifeology is secretly registered as Lifeology Media and I had the most incredible day surrounded by the magazine world.

I have to admit ... I totally loved it!!!

Firstly, I get to pause and honour a huge moment in my writing career because after months of blogging, guest writing and submitting article, I am officially getting paid for the first time. I'm one of those people who claps my hands, does a happy dance and then thanks myself with a big self hug when I have these incredible milestone moments. This day was one of the biggest squeezes I have given myself in a long time. There is something about being paid for living your dream that can't beat a 'project me' moment and I have say the biggest thank you ever to Michele Smith of Curvy SA for seeing me, believing in me and paying me 🙂

The whole day's energy hovered around my exciting involvement with the Curvy SA hunk of the month shoot seeing as I called on my new friend, Tazz Nginda to be a good sport and be the model. Tazz is one of SA's actors, models and downright inspiration men and it was thrilling for me to realise that my blogging career has introduced me to so many amazing people. I loved the thrill of collaborating with Pat Sloane, who we all know is THAT photographer closest to my heart, on the idea of taking the Curvy SA hunk of the month shoot to the stables. I loved dashing off to True Religion Jeans to pick of Tazz's outfits.

But before my first day on a magazine photo shoot, I had another magazine moment that has pulled at my South African heart strings and has my head ticking over about the possibility of how 'project me' and Lifeology can help spread the word about a mag that I discovered through #FollowSA.
ZA Difference magazine's slogan is "bridging the difference" and that has been my vision for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to show South African's that we are not the different from the rest of the world and especially from each other and I am so excited about the energy of this magazine. I intend to do a feature on the mag because there is so much more to understand about the philosophy behind it but I was swept away by Ndaba Msalili's passion of people telling their true life South African stories that span between 'Alternative to giving money to beggars' and 'poverty knows no colour'.

Tazz Nginda, Michele Smith and myself tucking into SA's famous extra hot chicken wings from Chicken Licken

I've always prided myself in the down to earth way that I conduct my life, (although the ones closest to me will say I'm highly strung) so it's no surprise that I took the model shopping for what we would eat on set. It's also no surprise that Tazz had Michele and myself tucking into one of SA's most renowned chicken dishes ... extra hot chicken wings from Chicken Licken. The extra hot and the fact that it's fried, greasy fast food would shout the reason why neither Michele nor myself were familiar with the food that Tazz couldn't seem to start his shoot without.

The idea of horses, stables, a stetson and True Religion jeans was a magical day that sparked my realisation that there is a part of me that loves the creativity and the fun that goes along with a photo shoot. It's on thing to be fully inline with what I dreamed of for Lifeology and writing an article, but there is another part of my personality that thrived today and now I have to work my magic into working it into my Lifeology life ... because now that I've had a taste ...

A few more pics taken by Pat Sloane with Tazz Nginda wearing True Religion clothing for Curvy SA Magazine's hunk of the month (well, I had to say it AGAIN because I'm that proud of everyone involved!!)

And we can't forget the stunning model, Whiskey ... the horse!


Nothing like a cowboy in a hammock

7 comments on “Between the pages of a magazine - project me day 625”

  1. I'm so proud and happy for you Jo!!! This is an amazing step for one hell of a journey.__And cannot beat a shirtless cowboy in a hammock. He's soooooo tasty

    1. Thank you so much my friend! I feel like it's falling into place little by little ... and you are SO right about the cowboy 😉

  2. I'm jumping up and down and spinning in circles for you!!!! (actually bouncing in my chair and spinning once around.... but the feeling is there!) How exciting!! I'm so happy for you!
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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this shoot and working with fantastic people like Jodene and Michele

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