Birthday wishes - project me day 266

25 September 2010

Hustler Girl and Greggie taking care of the birthday Goddess

It's my party and of course I cried ... and this is why!
For tonight's 'project me' my friends convinced me to not cancel my party because they reminded me that there is so much to celebrate. I will post some amazing pics soon but for tonight this blog is one that I will climb into bed and read at the same time as you!

I am blessed to be so loved and thank my family and friends for the love that I know is helping me heal far more than any tablet or doctor!!!

My dearest Jodels?

Happy Birthday to one of the most fabulous women I know! I hope your day turned out to be as special as you are. May the coming year be filled with endless love, constant happiness, overwhelming success and a mountain of scandalous men! Thank you for all the happy memories so far; our ?A-Mazing? photo shoots, dodgy roger parties, gossip sessions and potent punch! Keep shining like the star I know you are and I look forward to all the beautiful moments ahead, especially when we make it all the way to the top?

All my love

Risky Business


Darling Jo,

Tonight you remind me of the Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story. You look so princess-like and being waited on hand and foot suits you. Such a madam you are, darling! Course I know you?d much rather be entertaining your guests. But you?ll be back on your feet ? and out-dancing us all to boot ? soon!

There?s no challenge you can?t overcome, angel!

Gossip Guy

My dearest Jo?

What a superb difference you have brought through for your birthday. I?ve been so excited for the past few days to share this special day.

You truly are one of the most gifted teachers that I?ve been blessed to meet. Just hearing your conversations with others, you spew out incredible knowledge, insights and wisdom, albeit lying on your back in the middle of the dining room!

One glass of wine? two glass of wine? oh boy.. I?m starting to see faeries!!? - Oh no.. that?s the cake!!?? Whoop whoop to a super night ahead!!!

The Joker and Paparazzi will on good form tonight!


Irvin Sammons (The Joker)

Dear Jodene,

As you say, writing is a soothing past-time ? and the letters on the keyboard feel lovely to make words with. Thank you (and Greg) for showing me we are on a gorgeous path and that we can always heal ourselves.

Thought you might like this:

To see the world in a grain of sand;

And heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand ?

And eternity in an hour

-????????? William Blake

With love and blessings

Beth Shirley (Miss Daisy)


Happy Birshhhday Joe Joe,

You life has inspired all around you, brought life to the universe> happy happy birthday chic?!

Well after the fairy caught alight on the birthday cake (Awesome Punch), and we all sang happy birthday, we still couldn?t convince you that alcohol would be beneficial to your health. Great Punch! A great speech before the birthday song was special, (that you can blog about). ?So the bed in the (great Punch) lounge was a great idea, If it was me I would have postponed my birthday bash> Jodene good job that you didn?t because you have managed to keep a straight face when you were in pain (great Punch btw), and every now and then a quick ?Dash? to the loo, with your Zimmer frame, looked interesting, How does one transfer from Zimmer to porcelain? ?And then reverse the process?.I am rambling?.Fantastic bash?great punch! Did I say great Punch? Hic Hic ***

Loads of Love Rob (Robster)

Dearest Jo Wishing you a fantastic year ahead. Also wishing for the joy of a friendship that will sustain at least another 3 decades.? Xxxx ?Madam

So Jo?.. on your back on your birthday ?.. just not exactly the way one enjoys, these things happen just means you have a whole year to make the next time more ?hmmmm can?t really say that here. You are an exceptional energy force and I wish only the best experiences for you on this your day. Thanks for letting us retrobates invade your beautiful home to celebrate the birth of an angel love ya stax and stax. D.

Did somebody call a nurse? Happy Happy Birthday Jo! I am so glad you decided to still have your party eventhough you are not feeling yourself just yet. You look so beautiful tonight, as only a Goddess can! May this year be a fantasic year filled with exciting new adventures. It is incredible how our paths have crossed after all these years and how in sync we are with our journey. I look forward to travelling the path of enlightenment with you. Wishing you all the best my friend. Hustler Girl

Hey Jo

Happy birthday babe, my wish for u is that all your dreams come true??..Hope u have an awesome birthday and the year to continue with love, light and sunshine..:)

Loads and loads of love, beautiful energy and all the colours of the rainbow?

Luv ya bels xxxxxxx

Ola J

And the Sleeping Goddess rose from her slumber after many years to look upon a new day, although a year older, and see that it was just as full of opportunity and new beauty as any other year 😉 Us, your fairy friends, wish you to journey well love!


Bright sparks go pop like an exploding duck. That?s not entirely unlike the feelings you invoke in my tummy when I feel your radiant love, see that beauty, that intention. Your words are inspiring. Your bubbly manner is infectious. I cannot help but feel awed and love. I?m glad to know you, my friend. Cheers to a most awesome birthday, with good, nay, grand experiences hovering over the horizon, eagerly and patiently waiting for you.

Love, hugs and squishy pie, Jai (aka DarkDippy)

Hey Jo

This is a particularly special birthday because you are free to be you because of the people you have chosen to be around you. There is little less than pure potential from this point on. You are very special to me and the journey we travel together is irreplaceable. Happy, happy birthday and here?s to a nine year of growth and happiness. Lots of love, Greggie

Well, this is more than a birthday. It is the beginning of a new journey as you move into your nine year. I wish you the courage to face the changes, which lie ahead of you. May your journey flourish so that you can be all that you can be. Greggie and I are with you all the way. Twinkle, twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are? Blessings of love, peace, joy and magic. Lovingly, mom.

Happy birthday to a very special friend. We have been in and out of our lives, yet always manage to find each other again. Thank for always coming back into my life, which is always richer, deeper and positively challenged when you are around. Happy birthday my dear friend. Sportzy, AKA Ali

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    1. You made the party super special my friend ... can't wait to splash the pics on the blog and share the stories of the gift you gave me!

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