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12 May 2014
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Project Me ... the discipline of making myself my own project. The journey of living totally goalless, but absolutely purposeful. The determination to live each day with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour.

How my blog got it's name is a story that goes back to almost a decade ago.
On the 1st of August 2004, the day my family home, with my business in it, burned down.

jodene fire project me

Wow, I haven't looked at this picture in years. One of the best and worst days of my life.
The very short version of how this very day led to my Project Me blog goes a little something like this ...

Fires are a great thing, if you are conscious and believe that something this significant has to be laced with messages and lesson. When this fire struck, my life was a mess of every single level and no part of me could continue living the way I was. I decided that, in part, and the rest of that was decided by the amazing people I had in my life. Two in particular were the spiritual teacher I was studying with at the time and a dear client of mine (I still owned my spa and was doing massage and reiki).

While my teacher was pointing out the mess that I was, my client was telling me that it was time to put myself first. The combination of both messages and two very convincing women, I was living Project Me before I knew it. Changing my career, my habits, my image ... my whole world ... and learning what it meant to put myself first, live within my truth and be my own project.

After years of living my conscious journey and really having made incredible changes in my life, I watched the movie, Julie and Julia. At that stage i had found my passion for social media, was teaching almost everything I head learned from my incredible teacher and had enough insight into what it meant to live Project Me ... so I decided to blog daily.

I decided to share with the world what it is like to live each day being my own project. I wanted to show people that it is possible to live consciously and within integrity. Most of all, I knew that I was very far from my dreams and that I still had massive demons to struggle and truths to face. Single, broke, overweight, spiritually outspoken & determined to be highly successful and influential in my world, I began to blog and share my story with raw, unapologetic truth!

My first post was on the 1st of January 2010 and I blogged daily for nearly 2 and a half years. Still living each day as my own project and over a thousand posts down the line, I'm so glad I did!!!

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