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20 May 2024
Fear the Person Who Can Say, It Is What It Is

I stumbled upon a post that said, “Fear the person who can say; 'it is what it is' because nothing holds them back or gets in their way.”

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16 April 2024
My Ode to Humiliation As My Beacon of Change

It has become one of my anchored coaching tools to help people understand the gift of humiliation. Your depth of despair, when you truly feel with every core of your being that you cannot handle yourself the way you currently are, is coming from a place of worthiness. Today I got to explore beautifully secluded […]

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8 April 2024
How to Take the Next Step When You Feel Defeated

If you are also feeling two steps back in this, one step forward, two steps back, dance of life, it’s okay!
Welcome to Aries eclipse season!

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22 March 2024
Tough Start to 2024? -  Understanding Your Numerology to Ease the Uncertainty

We are almost a third of the way into the year, and I haven’t been drawn to help explain the energy of the numbers this intensely since we were struck by Covid. In some ways, that uncertainty seems timid compared to the people reaching out to me and asking, “What the hell is going on?” […]

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20 September 2023
Protected: Creating Your Self-Worth List

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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9 June 2023
Do you want to figure out what gets you lost in the mist of Self-Doubt?

A project is nothing without time spent on it. It's not a quick fix and I know that because I live Project Me to this day. I'm not sharing it though ... and that is the fault of my lostness in the mist.

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29 March 2023
The Journey to Reaching My Ideal Weight and How It Wasn't Just About the Food

I believe one of the reasons why only 5% of people who lose over 10% of their body fat keep it off is because those of us who have done it know it is not a quick fix and we accept that we will need to focus on our weight for the rest of our lives.

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15 February 2023
Why You Should Pay Attention to Pluto if You Are Working on Your Self-Esteem and Personal Growth

If you want to be unstuck and fulfilled. If you know the shadow self is important but don’t know how to work with it, Pluto is your guide.

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12 February 2023
I got You for a Perfectly Texture and Flavoured Vegan Sloppy Joe Recipe

While trying to pace myself and savour every bite of one of my favourite meat replacement dishes, Vegan Sloppy Joe, I thought, this one is too good not to share.

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26 January 2023
Why 2023 is Not the Year to Trust Predictions

Let me tell you the problem with predictions, especially in 2023. If you play too much into predictions then you take away the fundamental gift you were given as your birthright - the power to choose.

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