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1 August 2022
What Braving a Lifetime Dream Looks Like

Well, because I was trapped in the most common human behaviour - the fear of doing something so different that it makes one either not fit in, awakens an uncertain future when we are programmed that we should set life up to know what tomorrow looks like and because routine or responsibilities are safety nets we think are making us happy … when they are only keeping us safe from our own fears.

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4 July 2022
Project Nomad: Why the Moon Made Me Do It

Your Lunar North Node indicates what you need to be emotionally brave when you are older. It is also important to look at the houses they are in, to see the areas of life where the emotional work is.

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27 June 2022
A Simple Explanation for the Blind Spot to Your Unutilised Traits

As well as Podcast: Apple & Spotify, as I share Lifeology Teachings in all the places that my communicty finds me. I had an interesting conversation with a client who was not having it when I was saying these are your traits. There was great strength in them. I was showing her strong, assertive traits […]

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30 May 2022
Thank You and Farewell to the Energy Updates

Now we're sitting in this Gemini New Moon energy, which is all about expression, communication and how you authentically share yourself with the world.

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6 May 2022
Accepting What Life Unexpectedly Throws at You

Every morning of my life I wake up and I say, “I am open and receptive to all that comes my way today knowing that it is in perfect co-creation with my deepest desires” so I cannot have this car break down and all this perceived chaos around me and then say, “why me?”

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29 April 2022
May 2022 Energy Update: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, Moon and Money Work

The energy for May 2022 is a 5 numerology month and an 11 Universal Energy month coming from the fifth month and the year 2022.

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28 April 2022
How Kindness and Care Chipped Away at My Esteem

Once again, this is a tough post to share, because I know so much of what was said comes from a place of people wanting what’s best for me. However, not everyone’s kindness and care or concern is esteem building.

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22 April 2022
The Two Steps It Takes to Overcome an Irrational Fear

I have one of those! A very irrational fear that started in childhood and evolved into different arms of how my irrationality could play out.

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30 March 2022
April 2022 Energy Update: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, Moon, and Money Work

A new space of confidence and determination as well as courage to not repeat patterns of the past will be at the forefront of all our actions, choices, and decisions. Remembering that the focus through this year is heart centred as well as about balance.

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28 March 2022
Why Not All Aries New Moons Have Felt Like This

With the New Moon alongside Chiron, we are given an incredible opportunity for healing to happen. As this is the lifelong wound, situations or memories may come up from childhood or into the past where our inner child was hurt at no matter what age.

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21 March 2022
What Happens to Your Life When You Follow the Moon

Hello, #ProjectNomad – let the great experiment begin. My inner child has tons of healing to do, but I also know that I can’t do it unless I actually do get lost in the world a few times. So, I’m heading out, in baby steps.

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28 February 2022
March 2022 Energy Update: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, Moon and Money Work

This is the first full energy update for the month, with the overall numerology, the daily energy as well as the astrology and a tarot card for the week.

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23 February 2022
What is self-stigma and 5 steps to neutralising it

As someone who has been practising self-stigma for as long as I can remember, this is a difficult post to write. There is so much I go through when I want to tell the world how I am feeling and what I have discovered about myself. These are parts of me that have always been […]

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20 February 2022
Weekly Energy Update for 21 - 28 February 2022: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

The astrology for the week begins with Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon on Thursday, which gives us the opportunity to reflect on the New Moon

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17 February 2022
Vulnerability in Theory

The world doesn’t want perfect! The world wants real! That’s what I tell myself and I know it’s true. They want to know it's not only their lives that are messy.

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