26 August 2015
Clean Eating Coconut Flour Chocolate Cake

It's taken me years to figure my way past all the diet and eating fads and over the last while I have settled more into simply cutting out anything processed and eating as clean as possible. It stems from both my belief system and my exhaustion at trying to figure out what's going to make […]

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14 August 2015
When Dove asked me What's Your #BeautyLegacy?

When I received the press release and video link to the?"What's your #BeautyLegacy" campaign by Dove, I watched it in awe of the responsibility it takes to be a parent to a young child (I don't believe only girls have self esteem or even beauty issues), but I couldn't relate and set the email aside. […]

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11 August 2015
Home remedies and heart tonics

It's been a long few weeks. Some of it has been super exciting and then there are the life patches that remind me how tender I can be at times. I spent last week dealing with a sick cat child, who is such a happy child, that he never gave any indication of not being […]

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30 July 2015
How to make a multitasking mind focus on one project

If you're looking for sound advice, I can't promise you much. This isn't one of those development tips for the multitasker, but it is the true story of how crazy it is for said multi tasking entrepreneur to stay focused one of task for the entire day. Usually I have a todo list a page […]

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24 July 2015
What if no one is right?

If it?s raining in July, in Joburg, maybe we should head into this day tearing out the pages of life's rule book because, just maybe, anything is possible!! Google it ... it should be dry season! Don't Google it ... figure out what you should do all on your own, despite the streams of advice […]

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23 July 2015
The things not even my bestie may know about me

I've had the combination of a stressful and exciting few weeks. I've also had my fair share of happiness and then a whack of sad. I've been forced to look at some things and tell myself the harsh truth and a few days later I've had the gift of being given the simplest reminder of […]

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9 July 2015
Reach For A Dream #SlipperDay?

I have the cutest pair of Tigger slipper ... wait, I'll show you. I proudly wear them through winter, around the house. They haven't been out for public viewing, but #SlipperDay is a month away, on the 7th of August and I'm thinking ... Granted, I don't have offices of my own yet, so I […]

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8 July 2015
Yes, Humans Can Hibernate

I'm a 4:30am, get up and go, kinda girl. Well, in summer I'm that, but this winter I was more like a wake up and snuggle with the cats until the birds let me know it's warm enough to get out of bed. Amazingly, I still wake up before 5am through the whole of winter […]

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6 July 2015
The Big Lesson I Learned From My Only Boss

I knew from pretty early on in my career, that I wasn't going to make a great employee. It wasn't that I was going to get myself fired, but more that I may have walked out of any job where I couldn't create my own job description. Before I discover that, I managed to suck […]

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4 July 2015
Teardrop in the Changing Room

Retail therapy. I had no clue what that meant, as the fat girl. There's nothing therapeutic about standing in a changing room, under cruel lights and truthful mirrors. I didn't do retail therapy when I needed to have that girlie outlet, I did binge eating. Each time I needed a pick me up, I ate, […]

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