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31 July 2010
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Nominate project me for the cosmo blog awards

Cosmopolitan mag is holding its first blog awards and the nominations for ?project me? have begun.
So many of you have shared this amazing journey with me and remember the first few days when I couldn't even comprehend what it meant to blog. Others went through my struggle of wondering what the hell I had done by even starting 'project me' and many of you encourage me to carry on when if felt as though the commitment was far too overwhelming to overcome.
True to 'project me' I have had nothing but fun and abundant joy from the blog and have watched myself blossom into a real life blogger.
Together, this is our moment to shine. I always say that all you need is one person to believe in you and I have had far too many to count.
This nomination belongs to all of us because 'project me' is just as much about you believing in me as it is about me believing in myself.
So here's how to nominate:
The top 5 selected blogs form the final candidates for the competition.
Nominate ?project me? under the LIFESTYLE category with the url for the blog:
You need to give a personal reason and if you are not sure of the project please feel free to comment about your thought of me as it is a personal blog. I have included the brief of the blog just in case.
There is no limit to the number of nominations so if you follow this on to others I would be thrilled.
Entries close on August 4th.
About project me:
Jodene is a born and bred Jo?burg, single and 30 something girl with the passion for watching people flourish and for eating ice cream. She is a passionate advocate for taking responsibility for your own life, your happiness and most importantly your choices.
?Project Me? began as a daily blog for the year of 2010, but by demand from her readers Jodene has already committed to keeping the blog going indefinitely.
?Project me? is her personal journey focused on having fun, being happy and conscious, and manifesting the life she knows she is capable of creating. Yet, she knows that it is only possible by focusing less on living each day looking for the signs and trying to achieve goals.
This fun, truthful and conscious blog deals with her daily issues as common as weight loss, being single, dating, making a career out of being passionate, and ?living in a beautiful country that is, amongst many things, ?technically challenged.
Um ... someone said she was going to be brave and go first, right? Who? ... me???

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