Blown away by the power of social networking - project me day 524

8 June 2011

With DJ Fresh at the #TBD

It's another awesome day in Cape Town and I'm thrilled to be sitting indoors and avoiding being blown away by a wind that this Jozi girl seriously is not used to. I'm clinging to my handbag that is big enough to fit a laptop into and wondering if it's going to pick up speed and carry me away. I hear the weather in Jozi is no better and now I'm beginning to understand why there is so much back and forth complaining about who moans more about the weather. At this point, the competition is stiff between Jozi and Cape Town.

It's one thing to be blown away by a gust of wind, but another by the overwhelming things that are beginning to happen with 'project me' on a personal level and with the blog. We all know that when something very exciting happens I?immediately?want to cry and the past few days have been filled with moments like that.

I began blogging because a movie inspired me to, but more than that, I wanted to show people that it is possible to live in truth, integrity and to make dreams a reality even when I wasn't sure if it were truly possible myself. The whole point of being goalless but purposeful is proved more and more each day because where I thought I would be and where I am are world apart. Honestly, I'm much happier with where I am than where I dreamed of being. The purpose hasn't changed at all and my voice is being heard while I prove that what we teach through Lifeology can be achieved.

Yes, I'm still freaking out about money, but hanging onto those dreams through financial pressure might be the greatest lesson of all. Putting all financial drama aside, I have to say that I think I have had the most mind blowing couple of days where the power of social networking takes my breath away.

It was an honour to be involved in the Twitter Blanket Drive in Jozi and that is getting a special blog after a few more incredible blanket donations are complete. More than that, I couldn't believe how many people read my blog and were following me on Twitter. It might not seem like a big thing, but people aren't great at commenting on blogs and sometimes I feel as though it might be sitting in a studio at a radio station. ?You never quite know who is listening and I'm sure every DJ has at least one moment of feeling as though they are talking to themselves.

I had a few people who wanted to meet me and in return there are always going to be people that I want to meet in exchange. I had those moments too. I Tweet and blog because I love it and I chat to people who inspire and motivate me, so it's mind blowing to finally acknowledge that I have that impact on the world.

My little milestone was being followed back by DJ Fresh. Not because I'm a groupie, but because I have plans to get as many people sharing and living their 'project me' story that an awesomely powerful voice sure will get a little extra wind in my sail. There are celebs and then there are those who I believe do things from the heart. I have started to wonder whether people will think I have any hidden motives besides just spreading the power of 'project me'. I guess it goes with the territory, but it was refreshing to see a man with such a following and the most down to earth spirit ... I needed that! Now to get Fresh to tell his 'project me' story for us and trust me, I'm working on that.
The hugest thank you goes to Fred Felton, who I met on Twitter and feel as though we have been friends for years. Fred also did a blog post on the Twitter Blanket Drive and the power of social networking and I got a mention that was so good for the esteem.

I can't believe what Cape Town has been like. Greggie and I arrived here with an empty calendar and the determination to make this trip as productive as possible ... and wow it has been.
All through the power of Twitter and Facebook, we have had meetings and exciting things happen. Business opportunities have sprung from a Tweet and no one has to whip out their diaries and only see you in a week's time. I'm loving the energy of Cape Town and am grateful that I don't think I would cope with the wind or I might have moments of not wanting to go home.

Of all the wind sailing moments, mine came this morning when 'project me' stats did something I have been waiting for since about November last year. I had one day where my daily visits hit about 810 and I thought they would just keep climbing with ease, but they settled into around the 650 per day figures. I always stress when I am away from my laptop and am only learning that I don't have to retweet my posts like a nut, because?people?are finally reading my blog because they want to. Today I woke up to 1068 visits for yesterday and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am.

I never started blogging for any of this. I started it because I wasn't finding that I could stick to what I was teaching and when I watched Julie and Julia I had a brainwave. Never did I think that Social Networking would become an avenue of my career ... so I hope you aren't thinking about where you are going, but are focusing on why you are choosing what you are at this very moment. The reason should be no more than making sure you are having fun, living in your truth and with purpose!

7 comments on “Blown away by the power of social networking - project me day 524”

  1. I like the after you watched Julie and Julia you had a brain wave. YAY!
    cuz you awesome girly.
    Love ya. Glad you had fun at your twitter meet up!

    1. Lol and I equally love your brainwaves girlfriend!! Thanks ... there are lots of fun things going on around me. Hope you are enjoying the summer because it's really cold and rainy here! Big love ...

  2. so inspiring that you are creating something so unique by being on your own unique journey of discovery. good for you:-) good to meet you at #TBD too

    1. Thank you so much, that means the world to me! It was fantastic meeting you and I hoping we find a way to do some form of collaboration and continue to inspire the world around us! I hope you are keeping warm!

  3. I agree, it would be nice to have more of a reminder we're being heard...but I'm one of those that doesn't always comment, so I can't really complain much ;).

    I'm so proud of all you've done Jo!! You are awesome <3
    My recent post Today is a new day

    1. Can you imagine if each person who stopped by just said a quick hi ... we would be surround by the love! Anyway, it has become something more special when we support each other the way we do. You comment enough for me my friend! Lots of love and I will catch up with you when I'm back in town!

  4. I completely get the feeling like a small voice in a huge social network universe.. I am slowly getting to the place that I am not as concerned with that. I would love to be able to make money doing this, adding to our income. The how is what gets me.. I know I need a personal site.. but other then that I am at a complete loss.. sighs..
    My recent post We want to know Wednesday

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