Body stress release - project me day 286

15 October 2010

Although I do have to blog with some degree of haste, I am thrilled that I am blogging with a great degree less pain. Fact of the matter is that I'm blogging, while sitting at my desk and I'm not in?excruciating pain for the first time in at least 2 months.

I told you that I couldn't lie around and do nothing while I waited for my body to heal itself. I told you that I had to take action, not be so afraid of my body or my pain. I told you I was doing something special today. I did!

Obviously the number for Dan Hugo who is a body stress release therapist has been lying about for a while but I also know that everything happens at the perfect time and I'm not beating myself up for having taken weeks (and weeks) to make the call. Today was the day and the process was incredible.

Although Greggie doesn't have a broken back, he certainly does hold all his tension and stress in his neck, so I made an appointment for him too.

The drive was about 30 minutes and the pain was?excruciating. I was like a cat on a hot tin roof but was also aware that when I'm in distress I can get very bossy. Thank the gods of rock for Meatloaf and the bat out of hell that I happily sang along to.

Dan was incredible, he actually took the time to explain to me what is going on inside of my body. I don't blame the?orthopedic surgeon for not having gone into any detail at all, instead I'm just grateful for Dan who is clearly a born healer. It makes such a difference when someone chooses a profession out of actually having experienced the issue. You can feel the empathy a mile away.

Dan introduced me to Fred (I hope I remembered that right) who is the resident spine and followed the notes on my MRI scan as he pointed to all the parts of my body that are in distress. He made it simple for me to understand and has me a whole lot less afraid of my body.

As for body stress release, well that is an interesting one to discribe and because it's not hurting me to type I'm going to use Dan's analogy. When someone has whiplash and they go off to the doc they might get a few painkillers and in while the pain goes away. Years later the troubles in the body begin because the body has not released that injury but has readjusted itself to support the pain. This treatment helps release all the stress that lies within the memory of the body and with his explanation I know realise that if my brain doesn't have to focus so much on this constant pain in my back that then my body can do some other healing too ... like making time to focus on losing the extra weight or having a bit of a love life. Yes, he explained how it's all linked.

The treatment is just as fascinating and his treatment bed is just amazing. I had the treatment first, which was gentle manipulations and an interesting experience as I felt Dan totally tune into my body and heal where it was needed. After my treatment it was Greggie's turn. But about me ... Oh my word, this was the moment of total euphoria. Dan taught me how to sit properly on a chair. I did so ... and managed to sit?COMFORTABLY for Greggie's session. I'm still sitting comfortably now but don't worry, I have no intention of overdoing it. I'm just savouring this moment and then returning to rest for the night.

For the first time I know how to sit, how to sleep and know that it's ok to need someone to help me build that relationship with my body for a while. What a freaking relief ... I'm sure that's half the reason why my body feels so much better today.

I also know that it's not a miracle cure, but I did have plans to convince Greggie to take me to Hodges for lunch. I have been dreaming about their blueberry muffins. I did great through lunch but sadly my leg began to ache before I could savour the muffin ... thank heavens for take-aways.

Ok, I haven't cried in a few days so I'm giving myself permission to do so as I end off this blog and give myself a very big "well done kiddo"! This truly is what 'project me' is all about. This whole experience been perfect because I have made it that way. My whole healing process is just as perfect because I am making it that way too. I've gone from being the girl who beat myself up for getting everything wrong to loving myself enough to know that I can't ever get anything wrong. I'm a girl who made choices and some of them got my body a little in a tangle. I'm a girl who knows I can make other choices and get my body out of this painful space I am in. I'm the girl who knows that I am that powerful!

I'm still taking the medicine from the doctor. I'm still resting like he told me but I'm doing something that is the?epitome?of 'project me' ... I am building a relationship with my body and listening to it ... listening to me!

Before I go I have to say such a huge 'thank you' to Regim A who have sponsored all my products for my skin. Dan was talking about how products are a cause of some of the build up on toxins in the body and I felt so confident with the product I use. I also went out without make-up today and felt confident because I have a clear skin that looks fine without make up. That's a total first. It's a major thing to go step out into the world with bad skin and on a day when everything aches I think I wouldn't have enjoyed the additional stress (yes, you know the skin thing has played on my mind since day 1).

I have typed this entire body pain free ... I feel the slightest niggle and that's ok, so I'm signing out and resting with a sigh of relief, a tear of joy shed and a knowing that this bod is gonna be just fine!

13 comments on “Body stress release - project me day 286”

  1. Hi Jodene,

    I thank you for your kind words.... the acceptance of the principals of Body Stress Release technique is the start of a life-changing journey, and as a practitioner I am just a conduit that facilitates the release of body stress. As we discussed, once the communication has been restored the self healing power of the body is IMMEDIATLY able to go about its task.

  2. Body stress may manifest as any of the following:
    •PAIN – The body’s system of alerting us to tissue damage or pressure on nerves which interfere with the body’s communication system
    •NUMBNESS – disrupted sensory sensation from lower back involves the legs and feet or neck which effects the hands and fingers
    •MUSCLE WEAKNESS – esp. noticeable in the hands and arms, also noticeable in loss of muscle definition
    •STIFFNESS – Loss of movement in the neck, back etc.
    •DISTORTED POSTURE – ‘short leg’ or raised shoulder
    •JOINT DEGENERATION – Calcium deposited around the joint to support an unstable area

  3. PSYCOLOGICAL EFFECTS – Fatigue, depression (from incorrect diagnosis, incorrect medication etc.
    •TIREDNESS – Energy diverted to keep muscles in a permanent protective mode
    • DISTURBED FUNCTION – compression of tissue / muscle on
    •blood vessels effecting circulation
    •Lymph vessels effecting drainage and filtration
    •Nerve pathways – motor and sensory
    •How often do we hear people say “well at my age you can expect ‘xyz’ to start giving you pain when you get up” or “I played rugby at school and ever since I have had back pain, I just live with it”.
    •People come to accept that for them, operating at 75% efficiency is normal, and even more concerning is the fact that they do not think anything can be done about it.

  4. Ah Jo, I'm so excited to see you are feeling better! I hope things keep progressing and improving for you babe!

    My recent post 3am

    1. Thanks my friend! It really is a slow process but I guess that's what life is all about and 'project me' is that life ... thanks for the support always! Miss chatting to you so often but I am working hard at getting back on my feet and chatting to you soon!

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