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Ephineah is a novel by Jodene Shaer and tells the story of Shavon who, at the peak of her career as a cutthroat political journalist, is struck by an illness which is a mystery to the medical profession and herself. Instead of embracing her mid-thirties, she suffers from a heart attack and is booked off for indefinite rest and recovery, while her doctors attempt to diagnose the combination of seemingly non-related ailments.

Finding herself creating a temporary home at her wealthy cousin’s holiday apartment in a small seaside town, Shavon meets with a little girl who is filled with confidence and wisdom beyond her years and whimsically draws Shavon into her family. With little success from conventional medicine and her body raging against her, she unexpectedly finds herself entwined in the lives of the Briar’s and on a mystical journey of emotional and physical healing, which spans lifetimes. Ephineah is on sale on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback!

Jodene Shaer
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The Holistic Entrepreneur

Have you sacrificed happiness for success?

This intriguing story, told by the original Holistic Entrepreneur, Jodene Shaer, is a riveting, real, and raw account of not only her life, but an echo of our own lives as entrepreneurs. One does not often come across a book that invites you to self-reflect, take time for deep introspection, and leaves you with a hunger to seek out and carve an expedition for your own life, one that leads to the best you.
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