Bra, house and orange candles - project me day 388

23 January 2011

I've seen strangers shopping lists, I'm certain of it.

I knew that I took the festive season to chill for some very important reason. Didn't I keep saying I knew some very big things were heading my way? I'm sure I announced more than once that I had the feeling I would hit the ground running.

There are a lot of reasons why I think whoever gets me will be very lucky, but the top of the list has to be my lack of passion for shopping. Groceries are a different story, but even there I buy what I need. Okay, so I throw the odd new product in the trolley heaven forbid I miss out on something new. Thanks to that my teeth have been brushed with every berry, mint, herb, whitening, fizzing and extra strength toothpaste on the market.

I haven't had much money of late and I'm cool with that at the best of times. I am surrounded by very generous friends and family who see the value in what I am trying to achieve so I haven't had to live like a hermit living on crackers. I just really haven't had my own money to do with whatever the hell I choose.
Now that the house move is looming and the new owners of our house have come in and taken over, they needed our storage space. Therefore everything I own is scattered in every corner of the house. I looked at a thing or two and decided I didn't need it and put it up for sale to passers-by. What do you know, I sold the things!

Of course I tried to give the cash to my mother for all the good she has done for me and of course she wouldn't take it and of course we both cried. But, for the first time in a very long time I can buy the essentials I need.
The timing couldn't be better because my sister's birthday is officially 3 weeks away and I need some things. Thanks to Hustler Girl who took me shopping yesterday, I managed to get my shoes for the wedding. I believe that the Universe (yes, I'm saying it again, I am the Universe) sends little signs to remind all of us of how powerful we are. Some see and others don't. I have made it my business to see and when I announce that I want to wear shoes that look like a ballet slipper to the wedding, I find out just how quickly I can manifest something. Ah, I love my pretty shoes.

I'm going to have to think a lot about those shoes over the next few weeks because my mother and I are going to need a house sooner than later. Money is flowing but it's only the obstacle we create it to be. I have been thinking a lot about the day I will look back on blog entries like this and smile at how I got by, but it's the very 'project me' attitude with with I get by that I do pave the way for my future homes and Jimmy Choos.

My sister has gone to fetch her wedding dress and I'm making a shopping list for today. Bra is essential. I'm wearing a strapless outfit that is very pretty and is going to make me adjust to the fact that my body is that typical hourglass shape. I used to hate it, but now I'm looking forward to the accessories (mostly supplied by Hustler Girl) and the new hair (that's happening in a week or so) and letting a new side of me out to play.

The timing is perfect because on Wednesday the 2nd of Feb is the Pagan festival of Lammas in the Southern Hemisphere. I will fill you in on all the details on the day, but it is the perfect time to say good-bye to the old and prepare for the new. The old in me is tired of the body issues and new can't wait to step away with new consciousness and embrace the all of me that is the bigger girl (as my dear friend Twinkletoes reminded me). That's the orange candles.
A little bit of money goes a long way and I can't wait to shop with a touch of financial freedom enough to buy the things I need to celebrate a Pagan festival with my friends. I am so proud of me for letting them into my secret world and I am so honoured at the amazing response to the evening I have planned.

Shopping doesn't thrill me, but when it's a bra for my sister's wedding, a house for me to grow in and and orange candles to celebrate my beliefs ... well now I'm thrilled!

6 comments on “Bra, house and orange candles - project me day 388”

  1. Wow, Jodene! You know I am new to your journey but your spirit just glows through this post. I do believe that the Universe provides in mysterious and miraculous ways. My husband and I had a really rough 2010 financially. I was really starting to feel low. But right around Christmas a series of little miracles happened -- e.g. my friend gave us her couch (MUCH needed) when she got a new one. And it has changed my perspective so much that I have been trying to pay it forward and acting from more faith than fear.

    I hink you are on your way to soar and I will look forward to watching you take flight.

    Your new friend,

    P.S. You're right -- you do need a bra. LOL! <SPAN class=idc-smiley><SPAN style="BACKGROUND-POSITION: 0pt 0pt"><SPAN>:-)</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

    1. Hey my new friend! Your response made me cry! Thank you so much for sharing your story with me too! It gives me so much strength and comfort to know that we are not in this alone and that just hearing someone else's story of a little faith goes such a long way!
      It's not often the people see the simple things as miracles and then have the nature to pay it forward. I think we are only beginning to realise why our paths crossed!
      Wishing you a blessed weak with a little more faith and a little less fear!
      Love your new friend!

        1. If I say that I love change and yippee for change, do you think that Miss Universe will go a little easier on me! See how I relinquished responsibility there 😉

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