Breakfast, braai and bye - project me day 670

6 November 2011
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It's been a weekend filled with adventure, while still trying to unpack the last of the boxes and begin my mission of making sure our new home starts off with a healthy kitchen.

It was one special occasion at a time though and it began with the last Jodene's breakfast of the year. I've battled with the organisation because everyone needed to pay upfront, but it was so refreshing to have 21 guests and half of them were new ladies introduced by my co-organisers, Jacque A and Michele from Curvy SA magazine.

Jacque A shared her inspirational story and opened everyone to the gifts of being touched by Grace, while Michele shared her new project of paying it forward by random acts of kindness.

It was so special to see everyone enjoying the morning and planning the next event before I even had the opportunity to give anything a second thought. I keep saying I won't do this again, but after the dust has settled, the ladies have left with their gift packs and I'm dashing to the next exciting event, I realise just how much I am good at and love organising these events.

The day then slummed to a chaotic patch I realised, once again, just how crazy a ride it is to be in a relationship. I get a hunch and when someone doesn't listen to me, I sit back and watch until I can say, "I told you so". Oh, it gave me great pleasure telling Pat that I told him he would never be home in time to start his early afternoon braai (barbeque) but my man knew best. Of course he arrived a hair before the guests and it made me want to call and cancel everyone from pure?frustration. I'm thrilled that I didn't because it made me realise how perfect our home is. It made me realise that my family have never done simple but that my new world is filled with the simple pleasures of a simple braai. Nothing over the top, nothing too fancy ... I've been brought up with fancy. I like simple ... and fun!

What was fun, with an edge of sad, was the good bye drinks for my darling friend, Trace. We met on Twitter through her man, Luke ... oh, they met on Twitter too, hence the good bye. Trace is finally going back to her home town and the convenient part is that the man she loves came to surprise her a few days early before they continue their plans and drive 'home' together.

Trace, you are being so very brave and if ever I forget that we can do anything if we follow our hearts, I'm thinking of you and all that you have done to make your dreams come true. You are an inspiration even though I know you don't feel it half as much as you should. I love you my friend and thank you, every day, to responding to the Tweet that made us friends.

Tomorrow I'm starting the day with a new attitude to taking care of my man and me. It's a sugar free, gluten free kitchen ... let's hope it lasts. We've both been complaining about how we are feeling and I am finally listening to my gut (literally) and doing something different.

Then in the afternoon it's off to begin a new project me partnership, with Vanessa, the Soul Whisperer. Just from one meeting, over coffee, she picked up that most or all of my spiritual journey has been theory and now it's time to start living all that is me ...

One comment on “Breakfast, braai and bye - project me day 670”

  1. Hmmm... so a chapter in the story comes to an end. That said, every beginning comes from some other beginnings end. Here's to the adventure that is #031 🙂

    Have had to cut back on gluten myself. In small doses it's fine but every once in a while I have a reaction. Sugar... well... I'm sweet enough 😉
    My recent post Now That We're Men

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