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6 August 2012
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The other day, in an interview, I was asked what one of my annoying habits is and I was totally speechless. I swear, I gave it some great thought, but I couldn't think of anything annoying about me at all. I did comment that I'm sure my fiance and my bestie could roll out a list of things they find annoying and lo and behold, when I asked them, they did have a point or two.

One of Greggie's favourite is that I say 'I love ...' for everything. There's no song, food or person that I don't just love. Funny that, because I was asked about love and responded that I'm Libra ... there's a lot of love going on here.

Greg, Keo and myself

But some things I do love more than others and one of those things is the theatre. Then, seeing that I love everything I see at the theatre, there are those moments when I love something above all other theatre experiences. One of those is happening in South Africa right now and I love that this year there was a sexy introduction of some SA talent.

When I saw Burn the Floor at the Joburg Theatre last year, I was completely swept away by a dance experience. It spans from the swing and then leaps into the give with a touch of quickstep just to up the beat a little more. But of all the the moments I loved the most, and the one that got my heart going was when our very own South African dancer, Keoikantse Motsepe hit the floor dancing.

I love opening nights, of course. It's filled with people who are so close to the performance and I always feel like there's a special something going in the audience on that first night. This time I didn't have to guess, with Keo's family bursting into applause and cheers with a pride that filled the theatre with emotion. I love getting swept away by South African moments and this has been one of my most special in a very long time.

If you're in Jozi, head to the Joburg Theatre to see it and if you are in Durban ... look out because it's heading your way for the first time.

If not ... go to Youtube just experience a moment of this dancing because it's breathtaking.

Gary Wright who has been with Burn the Floor since 2009



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