Bye bye blonde - project me day 406/1

10 February 2011

Don't think I'm not in a complete state of eeeekkness. I've been dark before, actually the blonde was the difference. There's something more though ... I know that change does something and I'm kinda holding my breath at what this change might bring about.

It's screaming boldness and for a long time I have been talking about living within my full potential of my personality. Well, it's been so bad that I am beginning to think that is what has been getting me down. Greggie deserves a medal for enduring a day with me yesterday. I was horridly suckinly?miserable. Part of it was because I wanted to talk about it but didn't want to burst out crying into my calamari. Well, I think that's part of it. I might just have been wallowing for a while and I don't have to make an excuse.

A twitter friend commented on how bold I am from one of my posts. Twinkletoes sent a similar indication of my boldness while we were chatting and I think I kinda asked a stranger (well a special friend gave him my number and we have been chatting for a while ... don't ask me why I didn't tell you sooner) anyway ... I think I kinda asked him to my sister's wedding. Whether he comes or not is besides the point. It's the mere fact that it came all natural to me until my ego got in the way and I freaked out. That's when Greggie reminded me of my boldness too.

It's not like I didn't fall apart yesterday and eat horrid concoctions of pure fat food. Although I did throw a healthy bowl of all bran flakes into the mix. But it passed within a few hundred (ok, maybe thousand) calories and I was back to normal.

Change should freak us out ... no matter how big or how small. I think boldness freaks me out too ... so I'm entitled to my little freak-out!

Anyway ... today is a two part blog and the second part shall be posted when I'm all bright and bold ... so say bye bye to the blonde in the meantime and I'll see you on the other side of colour, rinse, cut and blow!

5 comments on “Bye bye blonde - project me day 406/1”

  1. I fear change... :-/

    But... as Cosmo quite rightly pointed out. If you're having a "bad hair day" most likely having a bad day all round. Best way to change things (for the better) is to change your hair. Done it once or twice in my life where I've gone into the hairdresser and said just chop away... The whole new look is a new start. You immediately feel better, fresher.

    You know what, it's always worked for me... even after some pretty massive changes (in life or hair).

    But hey, I'm just sayin' 🙂
    My recent post Everybodys Free Sunscreen Song

    1. It's the day after and you are very right ... it is refreshing and a well deserved change. This advice is always a little odd coming from a boy with hair longer than my own 😉

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