Caitlin the electric violinist performs at #FollowSA - project me day 756

28 January 2012

It's Saturday morning, 3 days after the #FollowSA Tweetup, and I'm still reeling with Tweets, emails and call to catch up. I'm so tired that I've decided to beg Pat to take me somewhere into nature and just breathe in air that doesn't have the sound of Tweets at all. Not because I'm sick of it, but rather because I need to absorb how very much I love it all that it's bringing to me.

Last night I was at a friends birthday party and spent the whole night chatting to another dear friend. With friends all around ... and everyone I was with tonight began as a Tweet.

One of those friends asked me if I realise how very blessed I am and that I check in with gratitude for the amazing man, friends and achievements that are all starting to come into full bloom.

Of course I am ... and I've always been so conscious of ?being thankful every day, that's what this blog is all about in essence. We can only be grateful when we are conscious and that's one gift I have truly mastered in myself.

Of course, his statement still got me thinking and as I climbed into bed last night, I counted my blessings of the week that had passed, just to be sure I hadn't missed a touch of gratitude that could still be expressed.

There was ...

On the days that built up the the #FollowSA Tweetup I watched a whole lot of Youtube videos of Caitlin, the electric?violinist, who so generously offered her time to entertain the crowd. I wanted to post videos and Tweet them out so that everyone knew what to expect. I was even so excited that I found performance of Cotton Eye Joe (and we all know the country music sucker that I am) and put in a special request.

Amazingly, no matter how many videos I watched and how excited and humbled I was to have this incredible entertainer perform at one of Lifeology's events, neither myself nor the crowd got what they expected.

Is the greatest word to describe something beyond words,?phenomenal? Is it amazing, incredible, spectacular or breathtaking?
It was all of those. I had people asking me "How did you get Caitlin to perform at your event?" and "Will she be at another one?" and "Will she perform at my event?"

Caitlin, I know I've Tweeted and thanked you in person, but here it is again my dear friend. Thank you for your blessed talent and for so generously sharing it with the world. Mostly, thank you for believing enough in #FollowSA to have so graciously entertained us all at Howzit2012.

On Wednesday you had your feet on the ground ... but I would love to share with you one of Caitlin's Aerial performances. It's wow!

2 comments on “Caitlin the electric violinist performs at #FollowSA - project me day 756”

  1. Holy Crap!! 😀

    I've always said I'd love to see, Alice, Ozzy and Marilyn live, think I'll add one more to that list. As the Trans-Siberian Orchestra have proven time and again, music should never be classified. By doing so you limit some pretty awesome potential. Some would consider Beethoven a clasical musician... I reckon he was the first real rocker! I mean the guy went deaf!! :p

    Pity I wasn't there... oh well, next time 😉
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    1. I'm so hoping to bring a #FollowSA to Durbs and I have a sneaky suspicion that Caitlin would be more than willing to tag along 😉

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