Cape Town girls rock - project me daily blog day 441

17 March 2011

Of course the story starts with me being stranded at the airport awaiting an update on the flight back to Jozi being delayed by an hour already.
The flight from Jozi was a little torturous yesterday with horrid clouds (as pretty as they were) and huge air pockets. I swear it felt as though we dropped an entire floor. Holly molly!

So while I wait and watch potentially nasty clouds, here's my Cape Town story.
As for Cape Town ... It's so pretty but so stinking hot. Yes, yes I wasn't even here on a sweltering day. The mountains really are that pretty. People aren't as obsessed with Woolworths because we had to drive a way to find one ... And that brings me to the driving ... I think Rome finally has competition! To sun it up and bless my precious chauffeur, Clauds ... I'm lucky to be alive!

And now for the talk! Have I told you enough times how much I love what I do? I think I've also mentioned my frustration at not finding ideal venues in Jozi to do my Organic Orgasm talks! There's no hassle with that in Cape Town thanks to the amazing Sensual Boutiques.
Yay for Cape Town girls ... I can feel the urge to return surge through me as I reminisce on one of the greatest evenings I have had as a speaker and teacher.
Shy is not an issue in this bold town and I needed that refreshing realisation. Girls wanted to know when they could bring their guys? Toys were being waved around the store with shameless enthusiasm, confident questions and responses flowed and no one went home empty handed ... Except me of course! All I could picture was my bag being scanned at the airport and my newly purchased happy rabbit waving 'hello' to some innocent security person.

To my special friend, Bean, who has known me since high school! Thank you for driving an hour to come and support Me. Thank you for your bubbly nature that carried so much laughter through the night.

To the staff of Sensual Boutique who made this event possible and who I am honoured to associate myself with ... Thank you for your pride and will to make a change in a much needed industry.

Cape Town ladies ... I will be back ... Over and over again! Thank you for an unforgettable night and for welcoming me with such enthusiasm. You are sending me home filled the motivation and a dozen ideas to being back to you.

Another delay has just been announced ... And as much as I have had such an awesome time ... This girl is ready to get home!

2 comments on “Cape Town girls rock - project me daily blog day 441”

    1. Thanks my friend! Good to be back but I get the feeling there will be a whole lot more airport moments! 😉

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