Car trouble and kept secrets - project me day 519

3 June 2011

This is one of those typical days that people ask me about. The days where I have 30 minutes at home to blog and get ready to go out. Why is it 6pm and I haven't blogged the whole day? Well ... most of it is secret!

Good secrets though ... but things that I'm waiting for the final signature on the dotted line before I talk about celebs I helping to socialise online, two new sponsors, an opportunity to write for a magazine and date for 'project me' and Organic O talks.

You might not be thrilled that it's all secret, but I'm so stoked because I don't have to write very much tonight ... Now I have to leave in about 25 minutes!

The main reason why I'm so freaking rushed is because my poor car's battery has officially died. It's been a very hard working little battery and served me to the bitter end. I'm on a plane to Cape Town on Sunday morning and time is so tight that we decided to fix the car when I get back and I would share the car with my mom for the next few days.
Why are those the days when we both need the car? So it's been juggling meetings, fetching international guests from airport drop-offs and entertaining her this evening so that we can carpool.

Luckily it's an easy convincing seeing as though we are going to a gorgeous Jozi restaurant with my precious friend, Hustler Girl to see my newfound friend Emmanuel singing. (More about that tomorrow seeing as though I now have 20 minutes!)

So ... clearly there are thrilling things to share with you and it will all be revealed as I get the confirmation along the way.
The one thing that I do get to tell you is that I intend to prove that you can make a living as a blogger and social influencer in South Africa. If you are in SA you know how large a statement that is. If you are anywhere else in the world and that challenge seems easy ... it's not! We have a whole lot of catching up to do with the power of the online space and I have every intention of being fundamental in paving the way ... that's no secret!
Right ... 15 minutes to pretty myself up for dinner, international guests, awesome friends, mommy & me time and SA talent!

3 comments on “Car trouble and kept secrets - project me day 519”

  1. at least it just a battery problem. WE have transmission issues with ours...*sigh*
    and cars do tend to break when we are the most busy....

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