Catherine Constantinides writes the forward for The Holistic Entrepreneur

31 May 2016
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Catherine Constantinides

Catherine Constantinides

I don't believe in luck. However, I do believe in the conscious power to manifest and create anything we desire in life. The Holistic Entrepreneur is a book about just that, and in my manifestation, I'm most proud of the people I have attracted into my life. One, in particular, fills my heart and soul with joy, at having the privilege to know Catherine Constantinides.

I will never forget the day I met Catherine, in 2011. I was dabbling around in the prospects of social media and faking my way through entrepreneurship, when she attended one of my #FollowSA events. Oh the spark that bonded us from the moment we met, still sparkles bright and has kept us on an ever growing path of friendship and fans of each other's achievements. Humbled is another word that comes to mind, when I think of the amount of hours Catherine commits to every cause she holds dear and quest she surges forward with.

If you haven't had the joy of meeting Catherine, let me share a snippet of the latest press release about her:

Catherine Constantinides?has been chosen as one of the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellows under the US Department of State?s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

As we celebrate Africa month and take this opportunity to highlight not only the challenges of our continent but the opportunities that exist, we also celebrate the achievements and milestones being achieved by young people across Africa?and their impact on the globe at large.

One such dynamic young leader is a trailblazer in her home country, South Africa;?as well as across the globe. No stranger to leadership platforms and thought leadership, Catherine now adds another exciting achievement to her unbelievable list of accolades.?

Catherine?will leave for the USA next month?with fellows from across the continent?as they embark on a?6 week?leadership training, including academic coursework, as an opportunity to hone their skills at a US higher education institution with support for professional development after they return home.?

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. Nearly 1 in 3 Africans are between the ages of 10 and 24, and approximately 60 percent of Africa?s total population is below the age of 35. President Obama launched YALI in 2010 to support young African leaders as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace?and security across Africa.

Catherine was recently?awarded the Ubuntu Youth Diplomacy award from the South African government for her outstanding?work as an ambassador for the country across the continent and internationally.?Her work as an international climate activist, passionate humanitarian and social entrepreneur, this young lady has been acknowledged for a career that started when she set up her first business venture?at the age of 16. Her work on women empowerment in the environmental space has seen her organization grow from just working in South Africa to working in Zambia, Cote D ?Ivoire, Ethiopia and Namibia to name a few.

At the helm of the Miss Earth South Africa leadership?programme, Catherine is also Co-Founder of Generation?Earth, a social cohesion?advocate?for the Department of Arts and Culture?and a well-respected media personality. In 2015 she was invited as an?honourary?member of the Golden Key Society and was also nominated as one of South Africa?s 21 icons as part of an acclaimed TV series?honouring?great South Africans.?This leader is also an Archbishop Tutu African Oxford Fellow and has worked?tireously?over the past 18 months?on human rights violations in Africa with a firm commitment to bring justice to forgotten people across the continent.?

Catherine says; ?In order for us to unlock the potential of Africa, we must be committed to succeed in ensuring that human rights are an integral part of our fabric with a unified commitment and energy to move Africa forward as an economically stable and viable global competitor?.?

Catherine and JodeneIt is with absolute pride, humbled gratitude and overwhelming excitement that I extend the hugest thank you to Catherine, for finding the time to write the forward for my book. My dear friend, being witness to you tenacity and passion for everything you do, has been a beacon of light along my journey of entrepreneurship.

Although the days fly by and we keep promising each other a cup of coffee, and only manage to grab a ten minute phone call, before dashing off to our next adventure. I am so thankful to call you my dear friend and truly touched that you have made time to contribute to such a special part of my book, at a truly thrilling time in your life.

Although we won't find time to see each other in the US, the timing of our trips and that we'll both be in Virginia at the same time, is a magical reminder of our paths that will always be alongside each other. We're both out there, chasing dreams and I love that you play such a huge part in mine!

Follow Catherine's journey has she shares her daily stories of all she has set out to dream into reality:
Catherine on Twitter and Instagram

The Holistic Entrepreneur is due for release in September 2016. Please email if you would like a free copy upon release (limited offer)


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