Change Management

Because change is an unavoidable reality that confronts us every moment of every day of our lives, and because we know that it is often a difficult process met with considerable resistance, we specialise in making enterprise and individual change a more manageable process.

We do this through a unique tool developed organically from our guiding philosophy that change, like every other process in organisations and in the world, is an individual-centred and driven process. The Foundation to Doing Something Different tool encapsulates a people-centred model for change that highlights the truth that when individuals embrace change, they are passionate, productive and healthy. When your employees embrace change, your business will show passion, productivity and good health.

Our Change Management Consulting process is especially focused on Transformational Change Management. We also offer Transactional Change Management through our strategic partners and provide talks on change, The Foundation to Doing Something Different, and consultation on how to work with Jungian archetypes in a corporate environment.