Changing gears in the fast lane - project me post 958

18 June 2013

Public holidays and the odd weekend are a chance for myself and my 3 dear friends Greggie, The Gossip Guy and my Ianie to get together and totally zone out from the world. It's always the same activity. It's a board game called Settlers on Catan. I'm sure we've contemplated playing something else once or twice, but always go back to the game of strategy, focus, honesty and putting emotion aside in order to WIN! I think I've won once.

I am always in it to win, but have noticed that when I try to hard to win, the fun starts to slip away and so I'm more focused on the zoning out and taking a day to forget almost everything, than becoming some crazy woman who will do anything to win.

Yesterday was our Catan day and to be honest, the closer it got to the end of the day, the more I had that back to school feeling. It was so great to step away from everything for a while and let my mind make a different kind of noise. I'm not complaining ... if anything, I'm grateful for the Catan day purely because things are so exciting and moving so fast, that I literally use it to catch my breath.

I'm loving every moment of my role as social media publicist for Joburg Theatre and #StarlightExpressSA is coming along so well. My new media team are just superstars and now that hashtags are a welcome part of Facebook, I can add to my strategy.

I have another big client and am also trying to get a few more. On top of that, there are blog post to do, #FollowSA and other events to co-ordinate and so I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. It seems to be a good kind of feeling that is driving me to the realisation that I finally need some assistance. That is a sure sign of growth and a very different chapter in the life of Lifeology.

IMG_20130617_155658So between moves on the board yesterday, I got a call from someone that I admire beyond words. It was a quick catch-up in between the RSVP for opening night of #StarlightExpressSA and then she took a moment to give me some advice. She told me she could see great things and said "wish for more clients and to continue to be this busy." She also said, 'don't find yourself an assistant, find yourself a clone."

That sat with me for the rest of the day and made me completely excited/nervous. I woke up feeling the same way and at least I'm great with nervous energy. It got me through some admin at the licence department that I have been putting off for months ... or years. I'm sure the universe rewarded my burst of enthusiasm because the queues weren't bad at all, it took 1 minute to change my postal address and I have no traffic fines. My car is also a bit crazy at the moment and I booked it in to check what I'm sure is an electrical fault. The headlights flicker on and off and someone is going to think I'm flashing them. The hooter also doesn't work when the lights are on, so my baby needs the doctor. On that note ... did I say I only have 3 more payment and she's all mine? What a great feeling.

Okay, back to a different fast lane .. later this morning it was back to the computer(s) and the realisation that I need assistance fast. I didn't even get to look at my to-do list and as I got through 20 emails another 20 arrived. That's not to mention the Tweets for me, #FollowSA, #StarlightExpressSA and monitoring another 3 accounts for clients.

I also learned a tough lesson today. I learned that in being loyal to one you might seem to have betrayed another. There's not much to say except that I would have done it all over again and can't fault the integrity with which I did it. It doesn't mean I don't have that sick feeling in my stomach right now.

So things are changing big time. Project Me is moving into lessons about growing into the big girl panties that I always wanted to have and walking in the kick ass country boots that say so much (still on my list to buy those).


4 comments on “Changing gears in the fast lane - project me post 958”

  1. Sounds as though your life is very busy these days and that you are finding your moments of zen. I like the idea of finding a clone; how exactly does one go about doing this? There are so many things I know I need to get done a certain way, but I can't trust just anyone. Does this mean we are both Type A personality??

    Anyway, i wish you all the best of luck with everything. Sounds like your life is heading in some very exciting directions lately!

    1. Lol Charlotte, in the time I have been stalking your blog and life through FB I would say we are most certainly Type A personalities. Tougher to find a clone, but in all the zen moments it seems life has sent me someone who I have the ability to work with.
      Thank you so much for the affirmation of hard work paying off 🙂

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