Chiron Explained - Unlock the Mystery to Your Unresolved Lifelong Wounds

12 May 2021
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Is there a place in life that consistently seems unhealed, no matter how much effort you feel you have done to heal it? Does there seem to be one part of life that is tougher than all the rest for you, especially when you look around and see with how much ease others navigate it? 

If you are not familiar with Chiron, it might seem strange to understand the purpose of talking about a tiny, icy comet in our solar system. Moving in an unusually iritic orbit between the last visible planet, Saturn (what keeps us in the past?) and the first unseen planet Uranus (what catapults us into the future), Chiron has a deep impact on the wounds we carry through our lives and holds the key to our healing. Spending as little as 1.5 years in some signs and then over around 7 years in others isn’t as mysterious as we think, because the places where it spends the longest is the last house of the zodiac, Pisces for about 7 years and the first house, Aries for about 8 years.  

While much of the solar system was a mystery and undiscovered, Chiron has had its place in Greek Mythology and into our lives for thousands of years. Known as the ‘Wounded Healer’, mythology shares the story of Chiron being a great teacher and healer, with a tragic personal life of his own. Managing to heal everyone else’s wound but his own, Chiron holds the same lessons in each of us. The symbol of Chiron is a key, which is no coincidence because when we embrace the lessons that Chiron has for us, we unlock all that holds us back from healing our self-esteem and embracing the worth of who we are. 

With Chiron taking so long to orbit through our personal natal (birth) charts, its return to the place where it was when we were born takes approximately 49 years. Within our 49th to 51st year, the two keys meet, when you place the current astrological placements over your natal chart. At this time, the unlocking of the wisdom of Chiron in you happens. However, it is the way that the unlocking happens that we have control over. Depending on the level of consciousness we have, we allow the healing that we actively bring into our lives. By the time Chiron returns it should be your personal witnessing of the wounds that you have healed. If you have not done the work of healing your wounds, they may surface deeply during your Chiron Return. This is not to say that the situations around you may not arise to bring up old wounds, but by the time of its return, your consciousness and the work you have done will be felt by you and all those around you.

If you are past 50 years and your Chiron return, do not fret. Wisdom is never too late. The wounded healer is unlocked and depending on your willingness to drop the past as if it were a hot potato or cling onto it and continue the self-inflicted wound becomes the deep truth you will work with.

No matter your age, Chiron, despite not being one of the planets, takes conscious, brave, and relentless work to acknowledge and work with. It impacts all aspects of our health, from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Knowing where it is in your natal chart will give you clarity as to where your healing needs to be focused.

Chiron doesn’t only refer to the wounds of childhood in this lifetime, but if it is within your belief system, there is past life healing to do too. We don’t have to dwell in trying hard to figure out what we bring into this lifetime, as it is entwined into our DNA and sits within the depths of our mind. It is our life’s work to witness the ways we respond to everything that happens to us, which makes the power of choice so vital. We will unconsciously respond until we do the work to take responsibility for our responses and reactions. In the unconscious reactions, it is all coming from past wounds and the fear to respond in a way that might repeat a past pattern. This is irrational to the braver, conscious, and soul-driven mind, that knows the depths of all we can become. Therefore, you don’t have to know your past lives in order to heal all that you need to, but if you would like deeper understanding then I offer past life readings where I step into the Akash and call for your soul book of all your lifetimes. Your higher self will point out 4 main lifetimes to look at, which will hold the healing that Chiron has carried into this lifetime. We will also see messages from the cares as to what work you need to do to heal the wounds. To book a past lives tarot reading

Due to its orbit, you do not have to run a natal chart to find it. Below are the dates of Chiron’s placements. I do suggest that if you are born on the exact day that Chiron transits to the next sign, that you run a chart and make sure which sign it was in at the time of your birth. If you don’t have the exact time then read both aspects and see which one relates to you more. 

To go one step deeper into understanding the impact Chiron has on your birth placement, then you do need to have your natal chart and see the house that Chiron was in at the time of your birth. For example, if Chiron is in Taurus in your 10thhouse, then read both Taurus in Chiron and the 10th house to understand where the wound (Taurus) is impacting your life (house). 

If you were born during a Chiron Retrograde, there is an interesting twist in your seeing everyone else’s wound more than you see your own and depending on where it is placed in your natal chart, indicates the additional work needed to look inwards. You will have the tendency to judge other’s unhealed wounds much more than you tell yourself the truth about your own. During a Chiron Retrograde, it is always the ideal time to do personal shadow work, to understand your wounds so that you can do something about them when it goes direct again.

Once you know this and you feel it is time to have support in understanding and healing the wounds, Transformation Coaching with me is the ideal support. Book a session here or book a free 30-minute exploratory consultation to understand more about how the coaching works. 

Once you have found where Chiron was at your birth, I have given you an explanation of the wounds it will have brought up for you to work with. Keep reading beyond that for you to understand where Chiron is now and how to make the most of its profoundly important healing placement for the next years to come.  

Chiron in Your Natal Chart

Sep 29, 1940 - Dec 27, 1940: Leo

Dec 27, 1940 - June 16, 1941: Cancer Rx

June 16, 1941 - July 26, 1943: Leo

July 26, 1943 - Nov 17, 1944: Virgo

Nov 17, 1944 - Mar 23, 1945: Libra 

Mar 23, 1945 - July 22, 1945: Virgo Rx

July 22, 1945 - Nov 10, 1946: Libra

Nov 10, 1946 - Nov 28, 1948: Scorpio

Nov 28, 1948 - Feb  8, 1951: Sagittarius

Feb  8, 1951 - June 18, 1951: Capricorn

June 18, 1951 - Nov  8, 1951: Sagittarius Rx

Nov  8, 1951 - Jan 27, 1955: Capricorn

Jan 27, 1955 - Mar 26, 1960: Aquarius

Mar 26, 1960 - Aug 19, 1960: Pisces

Aug 19, 1960 - Jan 20, 1961: Aquarius Rx

Jan 20, 1961 - Apr  1, 1968: Pisces

Apr  1, 1968 - Oct 18, 1968: Aries

Oct 18, 1968 - Jan 30, 1969: Pisces Rx

Jan 30, 1969 - May 28, 1976: Aries

May 28, 1976 - Oct 13, 1976: Taurus

Oct 13, 1976 - Mar 28, 1977: Aries Rx

Mar 28, 1977 - June 21, 1983: Taurus

June 21, 1983 - Nov 29, 1983: Gemini

Nov 29, 1983 - Apr 10, 1984: Taurus Rx

Apr 10, 1984  -  June 21, 1988 in Gemini

June 21, 1988  - July 21, 1991 in Cancer

July 21, 1991 - Sep  3, 1993 in Leo

Sep  3, 1993 - Sep  9, 1995: Virgo

Sep  9, 1995 - Dec 29, 1996: Libra

Dec 29, 1996 - Apr  4, 1997: Scorpio

Apr  4, 1997 - Sep  2, 1997: Libra Rx

Sep  2, 1997 - Jan  7, 1999: Scorpio

Jan  7, 1999 - June  1, 1999: Sagittarius

June  1, 1999 - Sep 21, 1999: Scorpio Rx

Sep 21, 1999 - Dec 11, 2001: Sagittarius

Dec 11, 2001 - Feb 21, 2005: Capricorn

Feb 21, 2005 - July 31, 2005: Aquarius

July 31, 2005 - Dec  5, 2005: Capricorn Rx

Dec  5, 2005 - Apr 20, 2010: Aquarius

Apr 20, 2010 - July 20, 2010: Pisces

July 20, 2010 - Feb  8, 2011: Aquarius Rx

Feb  8, 2011 - Apr 17, 2018: Pisces

Apr 17, 2018 - Sep 25, 2018: Aries

Sep 25, 2018 - Feb 18, 2019: Pisces Rx

Feb 18, 2019 – July 15, 2021: Aries

July 15, 2021 – Dec 19, 2021: Aries Rx 

Dec 19, 2021 - Jun 19, 2026: Aries

Chiron in the Signs

Chiron in Aries
We all have a wound and when Chiron is in your sign of Aries at your birth, your work is to brave trusting your emotional instinct on yourself. You are good at outward support of those who need encouragement, but you can’t turn it inwards and give yourself your own leg up. You aren’t unkind to yourself. Actually, it’s the opposite and you can spend years giving yourself encouraging pep talks and coaching yourself to say, ‘no’ in order to gain the love and respect you deserve from the world. Without conscious work and bravery, you could spend your life only hearing the cheerleading voices in your head and risk helping everyone else find their voice and strength, but not gift yourself with finding your own. The upside is that when you do learn that you have the courage to heal the wounds and find your voice to be vulnerable and say ‘no’ to what does not serve you, that you will set your world on passionate fire. 

Chiron in Taurus
Your initial wound may very well be triggered by people around you not understanding the pace at which you develop your feelings and responses to the world. Being rushed to understand who you are from a young age will trigger a feeling of not trusting who you are because you felt something was wrong with you in comparison to everyone else. It’s not good for you to compare, as your value system is very different from most around you. Be careful that you don’t become the person to make sure everyone around finds their value and worth because of your advice or expertise. Healing your wound by allowing yourself to enjoy the luxury and comfort that the material world provides may sound off-balance, but is it important. Your work is to strip away being misunderstood for not being sensitive and emotionally conscious at the same time. It doesn’t stop there, as you do run the risk of finding validation of worth only in the material world and you are not complete in your healing until you find the balance between both. 

Chiron in Gemini
You may spend most of your life swaying between having confidence in the power of your voice and then doubting your ability to express who you are into words. From the youngest age, chances are your Chiron wound had you feeling misunderstood. It could be that it was expressed to you, by people not being able to interpret the way you saw the world or wanted the world to see and hear you. Unravelling the doubt and trusting the way you express yourself into the world is your work. You may need to master consciousness in ensuring that you are sensitive to those around you, who do not have the ability to read between your lines. Clear, conscious, and direct conversation and expression of truth will be vital for the wellbeing of all your relationships, including your relationship with yourself. When you no longer need validation for your unique mind and voice and are conscious of how you help others to hear you in your truth, you will find depths in all relationships. 

Chiron in Cancer 
Your wound may always feel deeper than those around you because it sits in the heart of who you are. Finding a place to call home and feeling the safety and security of it may not be as easy as it seems for everyone else, but when you settle there will be great comfort there. Matters of the heart and the core of emotion is your lifetime of work. Be careful not to spend your life tapping into everyone else’s emotional needs and not connecting with your own. The depth of Chiron for you is to study and truly understand your emotions. This is not surface work, but going deep into the heart of how you feel is where your fulfilment lies. When you brave looking inward and putting your feelings first, taking the time to feel the array of what makes you an emotional being, you will feel at home in far more places than you believed you could before the healing work began. 

Chiron in Leo 
Self-expression is vital for your mental and emotional wellbeing throughout your lifetime. You are meant to pride yourself in living life to the full and being the only one in the room who is able to, ‘dance as if no one is watching'. It is easier said than done though, as your work is to figure out how to not take on the words, responses, and energy of others, which will dent your esteem. If you do not learn to believe in yourself and stop being who you are because others don’t find you as entertaining, funny, smart on enlightening as you truly are, you will hide the very traits that you are born to express into the world. This indicates that you would feel misunderstood from a young age and that undoing your bottled personality could take years if you don’t dive into the energy of the Leo and find your self-pride quickly. 

Chiron in Virgo 
There will be a part of you that puts fixing, organising, and helping others as the most important aspect of who you are. It does not mean that you are organised or do much to help yourself, and this is where the work lies. With this placement, your striving for perfection and struggling to be perfect or create perfect situations for others will pick at an imperfect wound. Your greatest gift to yourself will be to lower the expectation of yourself and know that there is no such thing as perfect. On the other side of it, it’s important to know that you can’t spend your life focusing on fixing everyone else and not telling yourself how broken the way you think, act and respond to your own life is. Find the balance between serving yourself and others, as well as being perfectly imperfect. 

Chiron in Libra 
With relationships and honouring the feelings of yourself and others at the core of your healing, your journey is very much learned by witnessing how you relate to others. You will have been exposed to an imbalance in peace and harmony on some level and turn it into the most important task that you have to rectify. This can be seen as overstepping, meddling, or trying too hard to keep the peace and then the only peace that is not felt is within yourself. Witness what brings you anxiety and how exhausting it is to be emotionally tied to balancing everyone else’s emotions within their relationships. Braving witnessing dynamics between yourself and others grow through natural and sometimes disharmonic situations will bring great healing and healthy relationships with others and yourself. 

Chiron in Scorpio 
Seeing into the depths of shadow and emotions is a natural healing ability that you will have with this placement. However, you do not know that unless you are conscious about Chiron from a young age. Mostly it will develop as the wound of seeing the shadow traits of those around you and you put up protective walls to not be impacted by it. The sad part of that response is that you do not honour how much healing comes from each person turning into their shadow for a while in order to emerge from the light. You may walk a lonely or tainted and judgemental path, as you quickly discard anyone who doesn’t look ‘fixed’ and conscious enough for you. Your work is to know that as long as you have that overly protective energy into the world, you are the one with the unresolved wound. Loving yourself and others in the messiness of who they are will be your healing. You must trust your instinct to know who (of all the broken people around you) are the ones you can love through the mess and who will not pull you down into their shadow as they figure themselves out. 

Chiron in Sagittarius 
Sagittarius is the holder of expansive thinking, imagination, and beliefs. With Chiron in this placement, you may have an imagination and ideas for your life and the world around you that is not understood by everyone else. Holding onto your beliefs and not turning those thoughts into reality is all dependent on your ability to block out the outside world and hang onto your belief in yourself, with all your might. This is very difficult to do at a young age, so chances are you will spend years doubting your creative thoughts and instinctive ways in which you would make your life and others better, easier, or more fulfilling. You have the power to make a great impact in your world, because of that very expansive thinking but the cracks within your own belief in yourself may never bring out the light. With this awareness, do everything in your power to re-establish the beliefs in what you think and imagine and block out anyone around you, as they don’t have the capacity to imagine and bring it to life the way you do. 

Chiron in Capricorn 
Emotional sensitivity and setting the bar too high for yourself will be a lifetime of work for you if you don’t understand how hard you are on yourself. With Chiron in this placement, you shouldn’t rely on your own judgment of yourself, because you are your own worst critic and don’t have anyone to blame but yourself. Even if you did not do well or achieve what those around you expected of you, this is not because they expected too much, but because you put so much pressure on yourself to get it right or make it perfect, that you stunted your own ability to grow. Those around you benefit from your structure, organisation, and dedication to supporting them, but your standard for them isn’t as unreachable as it is for yourself. To heal this wound, listen to the praise your receive from others and take it as your truth. Also, watch how nurturing and supportive you are in helping others achieve their dreams and turn that kindness and patience onto yourself.  

Chiron in Aquarius
Finding your place in the world is the theme when Chiron has this placement. Not fitting in and feeling lost even among people who you consider to be closest to you can cause the wound of consistently doubting who you authentically are. Ironically, your gift of working within groups and helping people come together and work for a great cause will be easy for you to do. You could find yourself witnessing all that you managed to get others to create, but not seeing your part in it all. Not expressing how you feel will only perpetuate the cycle of aloneness and those who want to let you in and love you may not be able to get you to see their unconditional acceptance and love for you. Your work is to open your eyes to the world around you and allow yourself to fit into the places of the world who want you, instead of hanging onto your memory of being misunderstood and made to be the outsider. 

Chiron in Pisces
This placement could give you the impression that you are deeply compassionate and forgiving in nature, but those very traits are the deep wounds that need healing. Chiron related to the place where you need to heal your worth and this overly optimistic energy and dreamy outlook on life will have you wearing rose-tinted glasses for far too long. Your wound will be in not setting yourself free from toxic and unhealthy situations because of that very forgiving nature. You will continue to receive the short end of the happiness stick and make excuses for all the wrong that has been done to you and ultimately martyr your own happiness. Yes, forgiveness is important, but your true happiness lies in the ability to step out of the disillusion and know when to forgive and move on and when to forgive and stay. 

Chiron in the Houses:

1st house 
When Chiron is in your first house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about all things that come first. From you putting yourself first to first impressions and initiation of all things in life.

2nd house 
When Chiron is in your second house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about values, from material and wealth to how you value yourself. 

3rd house
When Chiron is in your third house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about all things communication from how you do it, to who you do it with. 

4th house
When Chiron is in your fourth house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about home, security, and what is closest to your heart – the very things that root you. 

5th house 
When Chiron is in your fifth house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about self-expression and your freedom to do so with authenticity in the world. 

6th house
When Chiron is in your sixth house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about service to the world with your unique gifts, while finding the balance between service to you and to others. 

7th house
When Chiron is in your seventh house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about relationships and relating, with the world around you and yourself.  

8th house
When Chiron is in your eighth house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about the power within the mysterious from death and rebirth to dark secrets and understanding life and yourself on the deepest level.

9th house
When Chiron is in your ninth house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about all aspects of expansion through intellect and imagination.  

10th house
When Chiron is in your tenth house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about the highest potential and the depths to which you can impact your world. 

11th house
When Chiron is in your eleventh house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about fitting into society and your ability to be authentically true to who you are

12th house
When Chiron is in your twelfth house the lesson on the zodiac sign will be about the unconscious mind, intuition and self-inflicted wounds. 

Chiron in Aries 2019 -2026

It is a big deal to be conscious enough to gift yourself with aligning your healing to Chiron, especially now. I opened this post by saying that Chiron’s orbit is an unusual and erratic one because it spends short periods in some signs and very long times in others. The longest times are in the last and first of the zodiacs, Pisces, and Aries. This gives us years to heal our wounds through finding our faith and giving ourselves permission to accept and surrender when in Pisces. If you are not aware, this is the energy we were living in from 2011 to 2018. 

We are now in the time of Chiron in Aries and it stays there until June 2026. This long period of Chiron being in the first sign of the zodiac is no coincidence and if we are aware and brave enough to do the work, can be a deeply healing time. Although in the Mythology, Chiron did not heal his wounds of being betrayed, unloved, discarded, and deeply misunderstood, it does not mean that we do not have the capacity to do so. 

Chiron doesn’t only impact us personally, but it has an overall effect on the wounds of the world and when it is in Aries, there are medical breakthroughs or pioneering shifts in healing. Once again, it’s no coincidence that Covid-19 emerged into our world in 2019, the same year that Chiron entered Aries. Within the personal healing that we have the opportunity to do, we also have the opportunity to be a part of the collective healing of the world, by the very way we are conscious and aware of the impact Covid-19 has on our neighbour and our loved ones. Healing the wound of selfishness could do the whole world good. 

We are already witnessing the rise in holistic healing too and shifts in consciousness around the way stillness, food, and overall mindfulness is healthier on our bodies than we have given it credit for in the past. Veganism becoming a global movement and Apps like, Calm and Insight Timer are shifting the overall healing of move humans that has been done on this planet for the longest time. 

On a deeply personal note, taking advantage of your own healing at this time is meant to allow you the gift of shedding the suffering so you give yourself permission to live a fulfilled and joyous life. The suffering we experience is more often than not impacted by someone else’s choice and actions that we become a victim of. It may be the simplest thing from an unkind kid on the playground or a miserable old neighbour who lives across the way. Through the wounds they carry, they say one thing that is deeply hurtful to you and you carry that and make it a core truth so that when you are an adult and that moment is long past, you are still carrying the wound. 

If you are a believer in past lives, the Chiron brings those wounds that you did not heal into this lifetime and they repeat so that we have the opportunity to heal and let it all go. We are destined to live in fulfilment and joy, but much of our work is to overcome the wounds that were done to us and to know what carrying them is our choice. When in Aries, Chiron gives us the opportunity to heal the wound of our identity. It is deeply personal and should be easier to do if we took the time from Pisces to understand what we believe in how our deeper connection to our universe forms the foundation for us to do the personal work. It stays in Aries for so long because the fight for our right to be ourselves is not a simple task. We have spent our lives and even lifetimes being shaped and moulded by the world around us. Living within systems that strip us of our truest identity, from the government to school, religion, spiritual movements, those who raised us, and the siblings and friends who only played with us if we did it their way. 

Aries is where we stand up to all of that and fight to express our true selves into the world. We find our voice and take the action that we want to, to define us as the individual and unique human being we are in the world. Chiron gives us time because we first need to identify how we have lost our identity before we can even begin to bravely shine our true selves into the world. It does help when Chiron goes Retrograde. No coincidence once gain. Within the signs that it stays for, for long, there is always a retrograde period. This is the time for us to witness the old and unconscious ways that get us stuck so that when Chiron is direct we shift from introspection into action. 

Chiron Retrogrades in Aries from 15 July to 19 December 2021 and then remains direct in Aries until June 2026. There may not be another time to understand and work with your shadow as the opportunity of this retrograde presents to you. Retrograde is always the gift to see the shadow and Chiron’s Rx gives us the opportunity to brave going deep within and seeing the wounds that may have been caused by others, but that we allowed to sit within our ego-mind and control all our choices from that point on. If we give ourselves the opportunity to brave witnessing the wounds during this retrograde time, then the remainder of the times, into 2026 will be our opportunity to step deeper into our authentic selves. 

Being you is about feeling that you are enough without anyone’s approval. Being you is about making choices that serve you and bring you joy, above everyone else without taking from anyone else’s joy. Being you is about knowing you are somebody and the whole of the world would be incomplete without you in it. Being you is about knowing that your body, mind, and soul are worthy of being nurtured back to balance and health. Being you is about knowing that past hurt can be left in the past and that no one has the right or the power to keep you from living out your joy. This is work that the most wounded of energies in the universe is gifting us at this time. 

Healing comes in many forms and we each need our unique path to get to the core of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds. As a transformation coach and guide, my passion and purpose are to support you through your wounds and into your joy. It is difficult to heal our wounds on our own but is absolutely possible. Shadow work is the best way to gift yourself with seeing the depths of your wounds and then bring them into the light. 

Read more about my Transformation Coaching that is designed specifically for your to see your shadow and guides you through the healing needed to brave living as your authentic self. If you feel it is time for you to brave meeting your shadow, I guide you through the process during transformation coaching sessions with me. My transformation coaching is designed to take the guesswork out of meeting your authentic self, by using the perfect timing of your birth as the key to transformation. Within your numerology and aspects of astrology (sun, moon & rising signs), we identify the traits that are within you and waiting to be acknowledged and brought into the light. These parts of self that are not used in a conscious way are known as your shadow.

To fully benefit from the work, a minimum of 4 sessions is required. To support your journey, we have a coaching bundle (which saves you 15%) to allow me to guide you into the awareness needed to anchor your self-worth before digging deep into the shadow consciousness work. 
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If you feel that your wounds are beyond this lifetime, I do past lives tarot readings to give you the guidance you need to understand the work needed in this lifetime. 

Unsure of whether you are ready for transformation coaching or if you and I would be a good fit for the healing of your shadow? Take advantage of a free 30-minute exploratory consultation with me. 

If this blog post or any of the live sessions or the recordings of my guidance through Chiron helped you and you feel moved to do so, I have a simple tipping gesture for those who wish to share energy exchange. You can send me some ❤️  with a tip in BuyMeACoffee.

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