Christmas countdown country style - project me day 231

1 December 2010

Today was filled with Facebook and Twitter statuses that welcomed December and started to count down to Christmas. I'm still on a goalless mission and mainly counting down to the time that I wake up totally pain fee and able to drive for hours, pour with sweat at gym .. and a few other fun things.

Obviously my dragon loving, fairy believing personality totally loves so much of Christmas. It hasn't even got anything to do with the present giving, although feel free to shower me with gifts if you must. It has got a whole lot more to do with a part of my personality that is fascinated with the origin of things. Especially when it comes to religious events and ceremonial traditions such as marriage, I poke my curious nose all around to find the very root of it all.

That's my love for Christmas. Yes, this Jewish born, Pagan (although that basically states that I have my own views on the world) girl absolutely loves Christmas for the oddest reasons.

That's why I love Christmas Carols too ... many a time there are old traditional meanings snuck into the songs and it makes me silently smile.

As for 'project me' and Christmas ... well I have planned to just chill out with my mom and have a totally quiet day. I know the family will gather, but if I don't have to get out of my jimmy jams then I will be having the perfect Christmas. Did you know that it was around Christmas time that I decided to do the 'project me' blog ... I think there might be a lot of reflecting on that day!!!

As for the countdown ... don't panic, listening is optional!!! Once I went to a medium and her biggest message to me was to never hide how different I am. When it comes to being South African and loving country music as much as I do, it usually singles me out quite drastically. Every night as I type my blog I listen to my favourite singers singing tradional and newly written Christmas songs and it makes me smile. 'Project me' would be incomplete if I didn't share my countdown because it would reek of hiding my passion, fun and traditions of Christmas.

To start ... I'm dedicating this song to my friend Twinkletoes who has been such an incredible inspiration and kind of announced to the world that I am this super, duper blogger ... which gave my esteem such a boots!! Thank you my friend!!

24 Days till Christmas!!! Lady Antebellum - All I want for Christmas!

13 comments on “Christmas countdown country style - project me day 231”

  1. Looking back at my year, through the laughter, the pain, the hardship and difficult times there are also a lot to be thankful for, a lot to be happy about and to etch into my memory for all time. I want to start by saying that meeting my new friends Jodene and Greg have brought such light into my life and with it the laughter, the madness and memories to be with me for all time. I cannot begin to say what a positive difference you two are making to my psyche. For the first time in a very long time I feel grounded and home because I know there will be friends around me to spend quality time with. I cannot remember when last I have laughed so much as I am able to relax in your companion and just be myself. What started as an innocent "Friday night with Friends" have turned into a very strong bond of friendship for me and then when you threw a bunch of us from different backgrounds into the same pot, things just worked without us working at it. We share so many interests and support each other in so many different ways that I am blessed to have you in my life. As we are counting down the end of the year and soon, Sunday, will spend our last little get together with everyone present I am a little sad as I know we will only be in contact by phone as we all scatter throughout South Africa to enjoy a little well deserved rest and relaxation. Your dedication of Lady Antebellum warms my heart as I'm truly fond of this group (and you know it). Even though I'm not a die-hard country fan, Lady Antebellum reaches into my heart and sings songs as if I had written them myself. I think you know me better than I think you do. To you and Greg, thank you for your friendship. Thank you for spending your time with me, thank you for introducing me to so many new people that are bringing so much to my life. Thank you for allowing me to be ME. Thank you for being you. I am Twinkletoes, I am your friend and I'm honored to be that.

    1. A truly beautiful relationship works both ways. Your kind, masterfully crafted messages have been very special to me over this time. You naturally know how to express yourself honestly and without reservation, which is a special gift in this guarded world.

      Lots of love and a biiiiiiig hug to you, Twinlketoes.

      My recent post You are the company you keep

  2. Yay!! It's almost here! I can just about taste it (well, the turkey and cranberry sauce that is).

    Heck... it just wouldn't be Christmas without the good, the bad and the downright cheesy Christmas carols. It's the only time of the year that I break out the Boney M. Yup, I'm proud to say I've even got them on CD. Nothing beats that little drummer boy. 😀

    But think I'll stick with my "Very Britney Christmas". Now it's just about time to get out the tree. And, I've even getting the office tree next to my desk!! 😀

    1. Holy Moly ... have you told Greggie that you have a Boney M stash??? If you can do them then I'm totally drowning you in Country ... lol!!!
      One day I am so eating your turkey and cranberry sauce 😉

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