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10 August 2013
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It's a long weekend. People chill out and rest on long weekends. They don't come around often and should be savoured.

While throwing out there that this entrepreneur will lazing around in bed and totally chilling, I was surprised at the responses I got. Of all of them, "you rest, you rust" made me nearly fall out of my bed ... at 10:30am.
I've been an entrepreneur for about 2 decades and grated, I'm not a millionaire, but I have a very successful business (in my opinion ... which is all the counts).

The greatest secret to my success is one that my business partner will even ensure I do. If I don't chill out and take time out from the world, I know my greatest fear will happen. There must be nothing worse than resenting your business or your life choice of being and entrepreneur.
I work like a hard working husky. Trust me, I work hard. I put in the hours, the commitment and the passion. On the other hand, I stop!!

After that crazy comment from one entrepreneur, who also told me that it should be 90% work and 10% sleep, I started to think about how long I've been lazing around. Not today, but over the years.


I needed this realisation. I needed to see that I have been taking time out from the world (sometimes its a day and sometimes a whole weekend) for as long as I can remember. I used to open my sleeper couch and watch movies from Friday night to Sunday night back in about 2002.

I take the 3 weeks in December. I chill on the public holidays ... I adore my weekends.

I live with balance!!!!
That, for a Libra, is one hell of a statement!!!

I needed to throw that statement about being the entrepreneur who chills and I needed the responses that screamed of fear.

Yesterday was Friday! It was Women's Day! I have deadlines and reports to get to clients, but I also know that if I work through and had said 'no' to a special breakfast with a friend and another special lunch with a friend, I would have been riddled with resentment.

under the tuscan sun

One day, when I'm asked what made me the great success, this is what I will say. Beyond the loving support from special people and my recent discovery that I needed money coaching, I attribute my success to the lazy, chilled out days where I stopped and appreciated that balance is vital."

I'll say I watched my favourite movie and ate my favourite chocolate when most entrepreneurs were feeling too guilty or afraid to stop.


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