Confessions of a lost girl - Project Me post 1076

19 May 2015
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I haven't been able to blog for a while. I know I have these spurts of on and off writing and I can't believe the patience of my readers, but lately I have noticed that I don't have the same impact I used to have on the world. I haven't been invited to any social events in ages and things that I was a part of (some even deeply engrained in) I see are happening without in me, in the world of social media.

I only have myself to blame, because I haven't been active enough of late. I haven't said yes to just any event and I have had my own views on using the social networks to either save the world of boost our own agenda, and so I have fallen very quite. Twitter just isn't the same anymore. No one talks to each other. Everyone just favourites the impactful things that I put out there, when I would give anything for a Retweet. I get tagged into so many posts, and I do the Retweet thing, because I know that's what they are expecting, but when I tag the same ones in ... just a favourite.

My stats have dropped, but then so have my number of posts.

I'm not done telling my story yet. Actually, I haven't even begun, considering I still have the dream of Project Me being turned into a good and giving people the tools I have used to create this journey for myself. Yet, I'm stuck.

I could blame Mercury Retrograde, but that only started yesterday and I have been feeling this for months now. I feel like I have run out of things to say or that the world isn't going to notice the girl who doesn't play into the cliche of self help, like an overdose of positive affirmations, when my advice is to first tell yourself the ugly truth and then begin the hunt for just one thing that makes you happy each day.

What if someone out there has no clue what to stick on a vision board, because they have no vision at all. I have the answer to that ... yet, I'm feeling just as lost. I have gotten myself lost in what the world expects of me and I can't find my voice to say it different. The cornerstone of Project Me has come up to be tested once again.

I feel bad for not blogging for so long, both for me and for those who actually do get something out of Project Me story, so I'm doing one of the things I want to teach the world ... I'm doing one little thing different today. I'm blogging, when I feel like I have nothing to say.

One comment on “Confessions of a lost girl - Project Me post 1076”

  1. Dearest Jo,
    What you are experiencing is perfectly natural: a horrible slump after a life-changing, dream-fulfilling trip of a lifetime. What could ever measure up to the experience you just had? At the moment - nothing! In time you will re-focus, re-adjust and realise that you are going to create more dreams, and that you are going to go out there and make them your reality. For now, find contentment and happiness in the small everyday things, and remind yourself that this too shall pass. Remember (I know it's a big old cliche), to bask in the rainbow, you first have to get through the rain!! Love you heaps and tons you special, special girl xoxoxo

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