Confessions of a neurotic cat mommy - project me day 845

26 April 2012
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I'm a mommy of three!

If you ask anyone, they'll tell you that I'm too neurotic to have children, so my cats will do just fine. If I had chosen to have any other kinds of cats except for my gorgeous Persians, I wouldn't be such a strict cat mom.

Funny how everyone scares me that people steal cats like this and then complains when I get completely over protective. So it took me months to allow the cats outside without my supervision. Eventually we all settled into the sliding door being open all day and them coming back inside just before sunset.

The other two, Saphirah and Roran, are quite happy to potter around the garden, take in the fresh air, chase a bug and come back inside when mom calls. Okay, the come in when I shake the food tin and aren't actually returning for me. Eragon, my prince, has had other plans from day one. The more I've tried to explain to him that he chose the life of a prince and can't wander the streets, the more he seems to have plans to get over the wall. I had settled myself into comfort that he wouldn't make it over the wall, but today I was in for a shocking mommy surprise.

Holy cow, Pat looked out the window and Eragon was strolling onto of the wall. That's it ... he was banished inside and not to go outside until the branch (of a dead tree) he jumped on is cut down and we put mesh up along the bars on the gate that he slips through. Poor kid hated me today and he sat by the door crying to go out. Greggie rolled his eyes that I'm so neurotic and that he'll come back but no part of me can dare take that risk. He also rolled his eyes when I had this long conversation with my son and tried to explain to him why he had to spend the day inside.

Neurotic? Maybe ...
But I got these precious kids of kitty shelters and they've already been abandoned once, so I'm that over protective mom whose cats would say it's safer I don't have children ... for their sake 😉

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