Contently Confident is an age thing - Project Me post 1037

23 September 2014
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A few more hours and I'm 41! I remember the space that I was in when I turned 40 ... I really faked it to the starting point and ended up not doing much to celebrate. I went straight into some crazy space of trying to have this weird Shirley Valentine experience and even began planning a random holiday to Italy and telling a friend of mine there to line up the single guys.

In the end, I had an even more random holiday romance that ended up making 40 feel like it was heading for drama. It took a while to settling into a new decade and I must admit that it's been a rough start to what promised to be the naughty forties and the start of the most fulfilling years of ones life.

Like the turning of the Titanic, something slowly started to change. I confidence definitely kicked in, that I hadn't felt before. It was more linked to career and my new found relationship with money than on the personal front, but it felt fabulous, non the less. That side of being more grown up slowly gained momentum, but only blossomed into something I could rely on to push my forward and make me braver in the last couple of months.

As 41 crept closer and I began to ponder on what I had aspired to and where I was, I began to feel a whole new sense of wonder and pride. Damn, I've done a lot in this past year. My business has boomed and Greggie and I have opened a second one. I have an incredible team of staff, brilliant clients who totally get what I'm trying to do in the social media space and I we are now looking for property.

Project Me is becoming something so tangible and I'm feeling it come to life and develop into something I can present to the world really soon.

Then there's me ... the girl I am and the women I am slowly beginning to be. I have visualised where I wanted to see myself, as a woman of the world, and I'm beginning to truly see that visualisation come to life. Yes, there's stuff lacking ... mainly someone special to love, but I've even felt myself have big realisations about that.

Jodene Project Me post 41st birthdayOf all the changes, as I head into my second year of the 40's, I've noticed that it takes only one snap of the camera for me to be happy with a selfie. That may seem odd, but when I took a pic and was happy with the first one I looked at, an overwhelming sense of peace within myself and honest confidence washed over me.

I'm walking on a could of aging happiness and can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and celebrate my birthday with the special friends who create my closest circle. I've tried not to give too much away, but I'm letting that inner child come out to play and welcoming my friends along with the ride.

I'm not only celebrating the day I was born, but I'm also reveling in the joy of growing older, wiser and far more confident ... just like they said it would be!

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